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Source Codes are Written within your Light Being for Eternity ~ Christie Wallace

Source Codes are Written within your Light Being for Eternity

Christie Wallace

 Angel Visitation, Sacred Healing & Knowledge to share.
Saturday we had a Reiki Energy Share. The table I used was a bit low so I sat on a Dr’s rolly chair. Most of you know I have “Muscular Dystrophy”. I put the word in quotes because I don’t believe in disease labels. After spending pretty much the better part of three hours on that chair my back began to get sore.

On my way home that evening with a car full of groceries, I got home feeling pretty tired and beat up. My husband brought all the groceries in but was in a hurry to get out the door. (I really don’t like saying I can’t do things or I need help.) So I told him to not worry about the groceries that I would put them away. I pulled out my old computer chair and decided to roll back-and-forth between the bags of groceries and the fridge. This chair had a back support so it made it feel much better and it made it so I could pick up the bags of groceries and hold them and bring them over to the fridge.

Some of them were heavier than I am used to. (I had a grocery service pick them up and deliver them to my car. So I was not the one who packed them.) So, in trying to hold the bags of groceries and scoot across the floor, I put immense pressure on my hips. And I am currently still healing from a left hip injury. Well to make a long story short I ended up making my left hip hurt tremendously. It hurt to stand up, it hurt to sit down, it hurt to put pressure on it. And of course it was the hip that I had injured previously.
It hurt so very badly to even crawl into bed. By the next morning, I was in tears. I was getting worried that I had actually done something to it. I talked to one of my friends and she sent me healing energy, and while she was sending me energy I meditated as well as did some self healing. It did help alleviate some of the pain. We both felt it would do some good, and got the guidance that it would spontaneously heal.

The pain got worse and worse throughout the day that I ended up having to take Advil. I don’t like to take anything. Even the Advil did not touch the pain. Walking and moving was torture. The act of sitting was almost too much to handle.
When I got into bed last night I was in tears. The only way I can sleep is on that hip. I woke up several times throughout the night because of the pain. But something happened just before I got up in the morning.

I had a dream/visitation.
Just before I woke up this morning I was dreaming about a man who had a password in light codes and light language on his chest. There were words on top and then symbols underneath. His chest had to be scanned to operate whatever it was he was doing. He had dark hair and dark eyes, and his skin was light. I remember him speaking to me but I don’t remember what he said. And as whatever the thing was that was scanning his chest, I woke up and 95% of my pain was gone.
I remember thinking that it was silly to have codes tattooed on your chest, because what if you got a cut or a scar? But as I was writing about this to a friend right when I woke up, I heard in my head, “the codes are within”.
“The codes are within, they come forward when necessary.”
“They cannot be altered or removed.”
“You have them within, we all have them within. It is our light journey that brings them forward. They are written within your light being for eternity. Source codes.”

I then had ringing in both my ears. I then thanked them for the information. I then felt a wave of love & peace in return.
I got up and walked around slowly, to test the injury. My hip still feels a bit loose/wobbly but 100% of the pain in gone.

I am so grateful to my Guardians. I was urged to share this story with everyone because we all have these codes within. They come forward when asked along with your guardians. The truth is, all you have to do is ask and know that the answer/healing is coming. It may not be on your version of Earthly time, but it happens. Always. It is a law of the Universe. 😇💛Peace, love, & angel blessings to you all. Thank you for reading.

I hope that this message reaches every soul in need of hearing it.

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