vrijdag 29 september 2017


Dear Ones,

Do you fear that you are right and the world is wrong? That the dream of a loving world will never be in your lifetime?

You are not alone. There are millions with similar fears.

Some time ago, you learned that those who wished to remain in fear in this lifetime – or for longer than you – would do so needing to promote the fears of others. That they would try to make you feel less than you are. That you would feel as if all was lost. You are likely now experiencing those feelings.


Energie-update 28 september; Hoe is het met jullie? Ik voel zelf dat de pijn steeds heftiger voelbaar aan het worden is hoe verder we komen en hoe dichter we bij de essentie komen. Alsof de pijn binnenste buiten gekeerd wordt. Alles ligt bloot ahw en alles kan een trigger nu geven waardoor er weer iets gezuiverd mag worden. Heel gevoelig en heel kwetsbaar nu door de activatie van het kristallijnen veld en opbouw hiervan bij het middenrif. Alles wordt pijnlijk zichtbaar. Geeft spanningspijn ribbenboog=aanhechtingspunten van spieren aan het bot mede door beter te gaan ademen komen de pijnen vrij. Er hangt ook veel macht/onmacht in de atmosfeer en drukt op het astrale veld waardoor het in je mentale/emotionele veld komt en je fysiek lichaam reageert via het zenuwstelstel die nu snel overbelast raakt. Veel in de natuur om te ontladen en bewuste ademhaling, zuiver mineraalwater en richt je naar het licht!


Een time-out is nodig, een voortroepen van binnenuit om te ontspannen en te verjongen van wat geweest is
Belangrijk: Weet dat je dit respijt en deze verjonging nodig bent en verdient hebt om door te gaan met jouw heilige reis, tenzij je gedwongen wordt om deze time-out voor jouw lichaam en wezen te nemen door ziek te worden.


Okay, here we go .... Crystalline StarGates have opened huge and we have a mega-blast of Pure Source Light/Diamond/Rainbow Light Frequencies flooding the Crystalline Gridding Systems as everything activates huge. Wide Open and Increasing substantially as we go.

donderdag 28 september 2017


 Please, I cannot take the pain, it's torturing my soul


In de tiende kosmische versnelling
Ik schreef enige tijd geleden dat er zoveel is wat ik zou willen zeggen, in hetgeen ik voel, zie, ervaar, maar kreeg het (nog) niet in woorden op ‘papier’. Nu ga ik het proberen omdat we inmiddels in de tiende kosmische versnelling terecht zijn gekomen en dit brengt bij velen onder ons een lichamelijke (hormonale) disbalans.

Most Powerful StarGate Alignment Ever! Power Portal Activated, Huge Collective Clearing of Victim Energy of BEing DisEmpowered from Within, Close the Stories/Timelines Out, NEW Divine BEginnings, Higher Consciousness Timelines Ready for Implementation ~ LISA TRANSCENDENCE BROWN♥

Most Powerful StarGate Alignment Ever! Power Portal Activated, Huge Collective Clearing of Victim Energy of BEing DisEmpowered from Within, Close the Stories/Timelines Out, NEW Divine BEginnings, Higher Consciousness Timelines Ready for Implementation


Yesterday's StarGate Alignment was OFF THE CHARTS POWERFUL and ran strongly all through the night....  Inner Earth/Galactically/Our Earthly & Planetary Bodies Cosmically Re-Aligned and WOW at the awesomeness of the feeling of "being back". Whew, what a month of identifying/recognizing our old loop cycles/old programming and refusing to allow them to play out (again), holding the highest timelines fully from within and anchoring these new codes within our physical body templates/structures in order to bring our bodies through to a MUCH higher dimensional timeline experience!

Gatekeeper/Gridkeeper Sabbatical through at least January 2018: Limited Articles, NewSletters, Interviews & Posts as I go offline a bit more....LISA TRANSCENDENCE BROWN

Gatekeeper/Gridkeeper Sabbatical through at least January 2018: Limited Articles, NewSletters, Interviews & Posts as I go offline a bit more....


You guys may/may not see me much over the next few months, as I'm taking the next 30 days again to focus on continually fully re-anchoring down into my body (this has been a process all year after moving into Avatar Consciousness/OverSoul/Monad Embodiment). How our Consciousness exists in correlation to our physical body differs with each LightBody phase we complete here. My body "carried me through" and I had to let it do what it needed to do to achieve Galactic/God/Christed Consciousness and merge/integrate all of my own aspects and hold all here (Embodiment) over years.... allowing my DNA/Genetics/Body Template to upgrade and do what it needed to do, without interference from my human me. Our bodies go through a lot, and every muscle has to relax/release, every bit of density in teeth/bones "extracted"/de-densified, every organ/system completely overhauled/re-vamped to align my body with highest dimensional existence which means all linear constructs broken down and replaced with non-linear geometric encodments. The process is immense and then after we "arrive" on NEW Earth, lay the foundation for our new/highest realities and master each aspect of ourselves, each's "job"/role and functions and accomplish a ridiculous amount of things, we "arrive" in Heaven and Avatar Consciousness/OverSoul Embodiment, which starts a whole new process again. I've spent the last 2 years in this phase, completing cycles and processes, initiations/gateways and more. Gatekeeper/Gridkeeper duties take more of our energy now to maintain/sustain, while trying to manage 12+ different physical realities, on top of all of the holographic/energetic/etheric ones. This year has been pulling back from the inundation, honoring my body again more, because this is the phase I am in, where my body now has to come FIRST and IF I get work done, great. If not, oh well. I've had to let it all go to accomplish this part to be able to move into these next phases too.

woensdag 27 september 2017

Intentional Gatekeepers & Gridkeepers Complete the Anchoring of Higher Timelines through "Body Template Grid Encoding Processes" in Unison with our Fully Awakened Living Earth Gaia & Living Cosmos, Convergences, Grand Awakening Timelines Expedite 9/25/2017 9 Comments Picture This has been a vast month of HOLDING HIGHER TIMELINES IN PLACE until we could complete the INTEGRATION of these new codes/encodements, which is signified by StarGates activating to synchronize and shift all to a higher timeline. It's been a month of immense focus of our own Energy on what we came here to accomplish, what we agreed to, before ever incarnating/walking into our physical forms. This goes so far BEYOND what is visible physically and what our unconscious limited human minds can comprehend. It takes fully expanding our consciousness into INFINITE dimensions/timelines/realities and holding this expansion, all of the time, to intentionally break the old programming as it presents. The amount of ENERGY it takes for intentional Gatekeepers & Gridkeepers to STABILIZE these frequencies is immense. As human realities spin out of control, to create chaos to awaken those deep beneath the veils of amnesia still, to open hearts and minds for unification to occur, to dissolve the separation, duality and structures of realities not aligned on a SOUL Level, we hold a RESPONSIBILITY TO MAINTAIN the highest everything, while each "the center of their own play", plays old unconscious realities/timelines out, until all of that ENERGY IS GONE.... Still so many with one foot in each world, trying to hold the old together, "thinking" they are conscious and not realizing that they are still holding matrix programming inside their physical bodies still. Still so many unaware of what full SUPER CONSCIOUSNESS is, because they are still caught up in "stories"... which lends to their own programs and maintains a "victim mentality" still. This ENERGY, these STRUCTURES... are all within... The outside is the mirror/the reflection, to show each what is still held and where SEPARATION FROM SELF AS SOURCE/CREATOR is still held. I call these "human aspects", because the ego is still in control. The moment of incarnation into a human form, ego duality became a reality to enact each's human experience/experiment here. This process continues until it's time for each to awaken from the old illusory dream to enter a different dream state. Lower frequency bandwidth realities/dreams will play out as metaphoric, energetic, emotional, thought or experiential hell or nightmares until these are resolved by each. This DIVISION OF TIMELINES means that each must fully CHOOSE and any hesitation, any excuse, any fears, any blame, any victim mentalities, any inability to connect fully from inside, will "play out" in the physical reality to RESOLVE all of this.... Each's NEW Earth Existence is not a given, if you will, it's a dedicated choice of service, yet not as human aspects would understand/see this, as none of this conforms to human mentalities of what REALities are.... Ascension Timelines now expedite, appear to SPEED UP, which is the appearance of "fast", when in essence "Time & Speed" are ENERGETICS on a Quantum Level, no longer linear like "before". TimeLines are Realities believed by way of the ENERGY HELD and as VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCIES RISE SUBSTANTIALLY, then those timelines are no longer true or real anymore. This is just one small way that realities do/do not exist. The CONSTRUCTS OF REALITIES on NEW Earth are polar opposites of Old Earth and the Transition Process from Old Earth to NEW, means an entire re-structuring process must occur. This RE-STRUCTURING PROCESS is a RE-ALIGNMENT of all realities from "outside" to "in" and then "outward" through Mastering the Physical from within. It is a transition from placing focus on the physical first to placing focus on the ENERGY THAT CREATES/HOLDS all in place.... as PHYSICAL/SOLID MATTER REALITIES are different on each Dimensional Plane and what all are experiencing is the PHYSICAL RE-FORMATION from old 3D Consciousness & 4D Consciousness to 5D+ Consciousness .... Human aspects do not understand Dimensions or How Physical Realities take form in response to them. They do not understand (or want to hear/see/know), therefore they turn a blind eye to their own PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY in EVERY situation that occurs, because this was the "easy way" before.... These Vibrations are shifting this, for it will not be the easy way to ignore/pretend/try to hold onto the "old safe matrix" anymore..... The Safety in Unconsciousness/Ignorance is gone. The "backlash" is faster, which is not a backlash, it's a RESPONSIVE REALITY of a LIVING EARTH-COSMOS THAT RETURNS TO EACH AN EXPERIENCE of what is still held inside..... faster = vibrations.... slower = vibrations..... Each must open up to TRULY WANT TO KNOW and CHOOSE to honor highest alignment over what their ego/human aspect wants..... Earth Gaia & Our Divine Cosmos "spoke" 2 years ago that the Human Experiment had concluded, yet each still existing in those dimensions/timelines were unaware. As Gatekeepers/Gridkeepers we bring forth the information to assist each with stepping into their own POWER and RETURNING TO UNITY/LOVE/PEACE again, yet it's up to each to CHOOSE TO APPLY this UNIVERSAL KNOWLEDGE to how they live their lives, how they conduct themselves, how they treat themselves and others, how they show up each day, what they transmit out, what programs they continue to allow to RUN in their own reality... There is no need to impose or force anything, as "collapsing timelines" will do this for each, according to their own SOUL's chosen experience for their human here. There is much to share, yet way too much to type here and it takes much ENERGY ON OUR PART TO HOLD THESE HIGHEST TIMELINES AMIDST the energetic confusion that can "pull" one into an unconscious state where full balance through expansion has not yet been achieved from within. Distortions are at an all-time-high to exacerbate separation so that it can be dissolved/dissipated "faster".... with the amount of strength/force necessary to break through those old structures/programs held so strongly by the unconscious human aspect gripping Old Earth Realities with every bit of might, still trying to hang on out of illusory fear/perceptions that kept creating those old realities that are obsolete, yet limited/no access before meant there was also no awareness... These increasing SOULar Flares & CME's have many purposes, the Weather and Land Re-structuring, all a part of "this". Unconscious humans will blame these things on others (not saying much is not true, yet in that dimensional timeline only), as there is another dimension/timeline where the truth is very different and it does not feed a victim mentality, yet human aspects do not want to hear these as truth, for it would mean stepping up and into their POWER, which they fear more than giving their power away and blaming everything outside for why their realities are as they are.... It isn't until reality is "threatened" or things are "lost" or change is "forced" upon the human aspect that it gets their attention, activates their desire to get involved, breaks the hold that fear and blame programs have for a different reality to be IMPORTANT ENOUGH to actually DO something... yet what each is to DO is going to be different, dependent on the PHASE OF AWAKENING one is in. Each phase has a different RESPONSE and ACTION and the more fear there is, the more out of alignment (on a soul level, not human), the more each must DO to align their own reality fully with HIGHEST CONSCIOUSNESS and this will not fit into the linear boxes/mindsets of what is typical, reasonable or even acceptable to the human aspect that holds fixed mentalities and judgments still. This GRAND AWAKENING is not NEW.... it's just the next phase of what has been occurring, and we have new phases coming in again. Those who live an UNIFIED EXISTENCE are experiencing REALITY very different than those who are just now awakening to corruption/prison programs of the old matrix... It serves no purpose for each to re-enter the dimensions/timelines of UNCONSCIOUSNESS to play in the old unconscious realities again. This will anger those who love putting responsibility for their own realities on others... which is a part of the dissolution of separation/ego existence. Those who have TRANSCENDED DUALISTIC REALITIES won't entertain this anymore and the HOLD THAT UNCONSCIOUS PROGRAMS HAD is no longer.... WE did not come here to continue playing in the old, to keep allowing it to continue... we came here to STOP UNCONSCIOUSNESS in it's tracks and take the POWER AWAY by saying "no more" and shifting ourselves to a completely different timeline... which can be done INSTANTLY through QUANTUM EXISTENCE, because we don't hold the linear constructs anymore. This is a VIBRATIONAL EXISTENCE now... and we recognize the VIBRATION & ENERGY PRESENT and we choose, shift, align realities ourselves.... letting each "go play" their timelines out however/wherever they need to, it just won't be in our realities.... anymore. Our RESPONSIBILITY is to hold these highest timelines from within, to integrate the new codes into our physical body templates and HOLD all in place. This is an immense undertaking, as we have to "go against" everything unconscious to do this and in a REALITY of wavering flux and chaos, we are the balance, we are the peace, we are the love and we are the "NO" that is required when others hold duality within themselves still. We did not come here to win a POpuLARITY contest or prove anything to anyone. We did not come here to "save" others from their awakening experiences to open their HIGHER HEARTS and HIGHER MINDS/HIGHER SELVES access so that they can choose to transition from old earth to NEW too. We came here to OPEN PORTALS/GATEWAYS and to walk through them, leaving them open for those who are ready to do this too and to understand when one is not ready yet, that they allow their human ego to continue command until they have EXPERIENCED ENOUGH to shift/expand their consciousness too..... Part of our Service here is to ALLOW EACH THEIR CHOSEN PATHS and to provide the re-education through our own experiences for any who desire to utilize/apply this knowledge to IN-JOY a much higher timeline too..... We do not have to suffer to do this... as that was the old way too, yet the human (ego) aspect would prefer this, as they do not like being the only one suffering, as misery loves company, yet that's not why we are here. Suffering is an inner program that plays out in the outside to bring the inner suffering up/out so that it can cleanse/clear each's cellular memory body, so that suffering is no longer each's unconscious choice to continue to experience...... Human aspects have no capability to understand, to perceive our NEW EARTH REALITIES, because they are still trying to apply old programming, linear constructs to what is not linear.... it's VIBRATIONAL, it's all ENERGETIC.... and holographic access is returned as each opens their heart and releases the RESISTANCE inside that kept each unconscious before. Where the resistance is strong, then physical realities may occur, to assist with the dissolving/breaking down of the constructs of this energy..... so that higher consciousness can enter in/be accessed from within. These increasing CME's/SOULar flares do many things.... they are when each's SOUL Consciousness is activated exponentially for further expansion to occur, activating HIGHER DIMENSIONAL CONSCIOUSNESS DNA to awaken and for re-calibration of one's FIELD and Body to occur. They activate HIGH PHOTONS/PHOTONIC LIGHT, which gives each the ability to access higher dimensions faster/stronger/more, taking the human/earthly body weak, until full integration, re-coding & re-calibration processes can complete.... which can take hours/days/weeks/months, on & off for years until each acclimates to the FREQUENCY OF THEIR OWN SOUL and higher dimensional/multi-dimensional existence here. These increasing CME's & SOULar flares serve many purposes, with another being that they INTERRUPT the lower frequencies that "held" each in a state of unconsciousness, when agreeing to enter the UNCONSCIOUS REALMS (3rd/4th Dimensions) of Amnesia, where total disconnect from SOURCE/CREATOR/GOD/GALACTIC Consciousness occurred. This disconnect now diminishes with each BLAST that disrupts "lower earth's" bandwidths/signals that held the old Matrix in place.... this was agreed to by each of us and each EXISTS when it is their time (which is now for all still experiencing this), with the forerunners exiting "first" to guide/lead/provide the information for those who don't have full access yet. Yet, this information has been disseminated over "time" to prepare each for this now. Each human aspect has been provided with a ridiculous amount of knowledge and tools for "this time now", yet they did not want to listen/hear/know/understand..... and until "something occurs" to open their heart/mind enough, these tools and this knowledge won't do them any good, because they fight/judge/ignore/refuse, until all of that ENERGY IS GONE.... and then it will be important and it will be there waiting for them, inside or out. Outside is for the one who has not gone inside to hear/listen/see yet. This being an evolutionary process, the body has to evolve as well.... from Carbon Based to Plasma Crystalline, each experience to release this resistance/judgment/fight will assist with this, until one chooses a whole new existence and higher service as a new way of BEing here.... These "frequency interruptions" are liken to the movie "They Live", where Roddy Piper accidentally stumbled upon a pair of sunglasses to give him the vision "see" what was not visible, which was mind-blowing, confusing and terrifying at first... yet instead of Sunglasses, our pineal gland does this for us and the crystals in our eyes/brain/body, as this clarity brings forth each's new awareness that things are not as we thought they were. As Star BEings/Souls, WE all AGREED to participate/play in the human experience/experiment until it was time for our human to wake up (as SOULs, Higher Selves, Universes and Galaxies/Galactics here). Our awakening gives us access to see FROM these other dimensions, a multitude of realities, which is confusing at first and REALity is challenged in every way. As we sleep, as the fog/veils/amnesia lifts, clarity starts to come through, yet still limited for awhile, because we are unable to grasp the magnitude of how all came to be, all that we agreed to, all that we held in our dense physical bodies, all that needs to be done.... yet as our HIGHEST SELVES.... WE are the ones that must reconnect to WE CONSCIOUSNESS again, a Unified Existence through the Purity of our Souls and transcend ALL EGO/SEPARATION PROGRAMS that we held/hold inside. These run DEEP into our Core, deep within our cellular body and takes everything we've got to maintain these highest states, no matter what goes on around us "out there", for us to not succumb to old programming again. We have to get okay with being the "bad guy" for awhile, for dualistic humans need a bad guy to blame/focus on and we don't mind being the one that re-educates through highest consciousness and holds the NEW in place... for awhile.... yet this is shifting too. This NEW ZERO POINT RANGE that activated with the 8/21 Eclipse affected many things for us all. It's taken a whole month to anchor these codes within our templates as well. Establishing a new Zero Point Field Range has a profound affect on REALITIES for us all. This new VERSION further "separates" each into their own Universe Galactically, more than ever before. It now places the RESPONSIBILITY FURTHER ON EACH for what they are CREATING from Individual Zero Points in order to experience here. Intentional Conscious Creation/Creators operating as PURE SOURCE ENERGY hold higher timelines WHILE creating/transmitting that which is highest aligned at all times. These realities created bring forth MORE EASE and SIMPLICITY and identification of that which is not aligned is now faster/instant, which then effects the 2nd point: Zero Tolerance for Unconscious Programs. This Zero Tolerance gives each the RESPONSE---ABILITY once re-educating/lovingly communicating what is fully aligned/conscious and what is not, what is acceptable behavior (unity) and what is not (duality) to immediately COLLAPSE A TIMELINE without any further anything needing to occur. Timeline closed out/done... which will cause the unconscious human aspect to be left with their head-reality spinning, confused and often in victim mode until all of that "I'm a victim" (dis-empowered "blame" energy) is gone.... When the ego dissolves, the higher heart/mind will fully open. When all of the victim energy is gone, the story will end. Done. It is that simple..... This new Zero Point Field Range is more expansive than ever before. The higher the state of full consciousness (Super Consciousness), the more expansive one's field, the more aligned realities are, the easier the physical reality is. Human aligned (unconscious) realities are now re-aligning at an exponential rate, because of the VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCIES of Living Earth Gaia & the Living Cosmos constantly re-aligning, re-calibrating, re-coding and re-structuring now to bring all online with NEW EARTH NOW. The more unconscious, the more physical everything is.... as EACH intentionally integrates their Multi-Dimensional SOUL BODY with their physical body form, the more this transitions to QUANTUM ENERGETIC REALITIES, where the physical takes on new meaning and is finally understood. The old limited/mis-perceptions dissolve as limits go, judgments go, resistance goes and each EMBODIES their own PUREST FORM here. APPLYING HIGHEST CONSCIOUSNESS to every part of our lives is HOW things become easier for us all. There is no struggle as your highest aspects, only as your lower ones, which is up to you to see and choose, where you come from, which dictates your own physical reality experiences here. INTENTIONAL GATEKEEPERS & GRIDKEEPERS: This is not a glamorous "job", is thankless by most and does not conform to what any human "thinks" we are here to be/do. It's beyond challenging at first to anchor NEW EARTH CODES into our body template/grids and hold them above all. We had to let go of our "old life" to embrace an unknown one for awhile and just know how important what we are/have been doing for all of HUmanity this all is/was/still is. The human hears these words (Gatekeeper/Gridkeeper) and perceives something very different than "how this really is". There is much judgment (and anger) by others.... you'll have to learn how to deal with your own perceptions/judgments if you are to DO this without allowing unconscious beliefs to dictate your own. Your own Dedication to Service & HUmanity will look nothing like you "thought". You will sleep when your body says to sleep, you will cut out all that no longer supports, you will change what is important constantly and your realities will shift without notice, as you "learn" to embody Heaven and release the Hell Versions that you held within your own body templates, cellular programming and co-joined fields.... as you untangle, dismantle, dissolve and collapse the "old" yourself in order to fulfill your highest purposes/missions here too. You'll be angry from time to time and ready to leave this planet, get off the ride, be done. Be patient, as it's all a part of the process. There are THICK heavy veils that were in place, that dissolve faster as you sleep/constantly clear your FIELD, surrounding yourself with nature & highest vibrational everything, so that you can maintain your highest states of consciousness here. Sometimes around others who function from this place too, other times alone, to replenish/regenerate/re-calibrate without disruptions/distortions in your field, so that your body can re-tune/re-code/re-everything easier for you. You may/will experience much resistance and judgment along the way. Open hearts/minds with "thick skin" are necessary for you to weather these Tsunamis of Wave after Wave of Highest Light Consciousness that floods our Living Earth's Atmosphere and planetary bodies now..... Maintain your connection, maintain your ground, maintain your stability from within first and the rest will be easy. If you find yourself overwhelmed, then pull away and MAKE TIME for yourself. It takes longer now to stabilize these immense codes, so release comparison/judgment on "how" you are supposed to do this.... you will KNOW... honor this and let everyone else figure their own realities out. For those experiencing STRONG PHYSICAL REALITIES... these have purposes that are not visible to human aspects. Everything is to open our hearts & minds and bring forth compassion, caring, consideration, unity and a profound deep respect for ourselves and each other. Where you lack this within yourself, it will play out in your physical reality for you to experience/see/learn/understand.... Integrity is your own, honor is your own, loving respect is your own, constructs are your own, limits are your own, judgment is your own, lack in every way is your own... and everything occurs to SHOW YOU WHAT DIVERSITY or UNITY IS..... and where you come from, where you operate from, where you are not ready yet.... NEW Earth is nothing like your old.... It takes "work" to open the portals/gateways and to continually evolve, continually anchor highest consciousnesses realities here, continually identify & resolve old programming, continually challenge your human'ness, continually hold the NEW, continually embrace and integrate and shift vibrationally as is appropriate. Every time we go through a massive UPSHIFT in COSMIC UPGRADES, we have to re-acclimate with our bodies & fields again. This last time took all month to complete and now we move into our next phases, dependent on what we are all shown/see and it's up to each one of us to be ready and "do" what we are shown/see, without making excuses, as our human will do this until there's no other option.... we just "do it".... Start ACTIVATING Unity Consciousness intentionally from inside of you.... Connect with WE CONSCIOUSNESS and transition out of "I" consciousness of separation & duality, which has a "rougher ride". For awhile, when you are getting yourself out there, as your Universe You, you will be the "only one in your UNIVERSE", yet this must eventually dissolve too. After your LightBody has come online, you will have tons of energy and the need to be seen, the need to be visible, share your gifts, shine your light, laying the FOUNDATION for your NEW REALities and then.... Your Crystalline/Christed Consciousness LightBody will activate to come online, and you will transition out of "it's all about me" and your individual "I AM" presence into "WE", where there is not "they" "out there" anymore. You will become "they" and be fully responsible for all. You become those Galactics/Highest Aspects, you become the Team, you've accomplished your 12 Dimensional Aspects (and mastering each physical reality too) and this 13th Dimension holds a much higher frequency than anything you've ever FELT or EXPERIENCED, where you start to finally REALIZE that nothing happens until you actually step up to DO it, and this is what activates your "new" realities to come forth. The "waiting" for anything to happen is very different, as all is vibrational here (not like procrastination/fear realities were). You "do" and you keep doing/being that vibration in everything that you ARE and you know that that vibration will materialize for you as you achieve this within you now. You no longer fear anything, because you finally SEE and UNDERSTAND how all is CREATED TO BE..... you now see WHY we have to come together here, because we are all a part of the BIGGER PICTURE/GREATER DIVINE PLAN, that takes us all being on-board now.... We are here to do this together, unite, support... be the contributors, be the ones that Show the Way by BEING our highest everything here. Where we are no longer suffering, and this is often resented by those who still are. We had to get okay with this a long time ago. We opened the portals and each can step through anytime they are ready too. They are still open. We just don't need to stand there and hold them anymore.... we left them and went on to open more portals, continually.... which is what a WayShower/Gatekeeper does. This entire year has been stepping back to allow each to play their own unconscious timelines out until they are ready to come on-board fully too, we are limited by what we can accomplish here for these next phases until each anchors these highest timelines too and steps forth as is encoded and stops trying to straddle Old Earth and NEW. These timeline shifts are taking care of this for each and these next 3 months will expedite this substantially for all. Instant convergence means there are no more "breaks" anymore. These influxes create more flux and more exacerbated distortions for any unconscious/old matrix/linear programming still held so that each can SEE them (either energetically or by way of an actual physical experience) in order to CHOOSE to SHIFT to a higher timeline and intentionally close the old ones out for good. Intentionally shifting timelines open a gateway for your much easier realities to materialize for you.... Those of us who came here to "lead" HUmanity back to full consciousness again, are working in a multitude of ways, only visible by what we share on a regular basis, the rest unseen and often unsupported by those who "are not ready yet". We don't sit around waiting for others, we honor what we are shown to do/accomplish here. The higher we go vibrationally, the easier the physical is, yet the more balance we must maintain, through managing and maneuvering a multitude of realities, both in the physical and holographically..... We are working heavily in our sleep state, with others, teaching, re-educating, building the new, while holding a multitude of physical realities in place as well. Our physical body templates constantly upgrading to hold the encodments, schematics and "plans" for our new Civilizations, as all is re-vamped, it takes more dedicated time to our bodies and own physical realities now than ever before. Just because you don't see us or hear from us, doesn't mean we have taken a break or stopped, it just means that our next phases take precedence over holding each's hand through these initiatory phases that each are always in. These years of providing the information of "what is coming" is available in our work, our sharings and how to weather, master, maneuver is too. You have to actually do the work, apply this, choose it.... only you can.... Many of us have completed the "job" of making the information available "daily" to bring through the awareness and focus of what's important and the "how". It's energetic though, so if you are going to look for someone to tell you what to do, you will not find that here. That was the old linear way. We provide the ENERGETIC SUPPORT, the activations, the knowledge.... and you have to actually utilize it, read it, absorb it, integrate it for it to easier assist you in your walking state..... For me, you will see me continue to step back, as now it's up to EACH timeline to play itself out, for each to choose to shift timelines vibrationally, for each to apply HIGHEST CONSCIOUSNESS to their own every-moment now. In my own stepping back, I am re-focusing on the things that I am now shown/see to accomplish/do, which encompass a multitude of realities in different ways, some visible in the physical, most not, as it has always been, for each has only seen what we've shared, which is just a tiny portion of how multi-dimensional realities work. Much has to happen/occur for these next phases to anchor in. Many must step forth/step up and unite before we can accomplish these higher timelines, which means much must dissolve/collapse still. As unification occurs for each INSIDE, then the bigger picture opens up. The roles we came here to play become apparent, yet each must "get over" their own human'ness to be ready to truly come together in all new ways. This coming together is beyond beautiful and long awaited, yet it takes much synchronizing for realities to function cohesively and with great ease, as all must be fully conscious for this to occur. The amount of energy it takes to work through unconscious programming is immense. We INVEST ourselves in each other, our new realities, and all that we have too. This is not taken lightly, so when others are not ready yet, this screams loudly/blatantly, so that we can choose to close the timeline out. Where one leads with lack of deep respect, integrity, love, consideration or self-serving agendas... then the timeline is closed out before it ever starts. WE have to reverse-field-spin the polarity ourselves if we desire continued exquisiteness. There's not enough SPACE for old timelines and new anymore..... There used to be... that option is gone as well. Only NEW is what we anchored in with our new Zero Point Field Range Integration... Unconscious is visible as instantly as we are ready to see, and where this is immediate, so is the ability to shift out of one timeline and into a whole new one, fully conscious and BREATHING COSMIC BREATH through everything. Here we maintain Cosmic Alignment at all times. This last month we had many activations... a whole new KA & Breath of Life was breathed through us, Gaia and our Universe/Galaxies to unify all as one, on a whole new level..... This COSMIC BREATH now breathes through all at simultaneously with a FORCE like never before. This breathe is a Unified Love, Unity Consciousness that is POWER FROM OUR CORE, that no longer tolerates unconsciousness as an excuse..... which means that every reality shall align "faster" and with this HIGHER LIFE FORCE pulsing through our veins as more electrically stimulating energy activates to awaken every BODY now..... This communicative breath breathes life where dormancy appeared, it awakens the sleeping giants, pulsing, shaking, shocking, activating and stimulating like never before. All that was buried, dormant, asleep, all that was unconscious becomes fully visible for each. Each's mind must be blown and heart bursting wide open at first, sanity challenged, as distortions amplify so that the hold of the unconscious programs can dissolve..... This LIVING BREATH moves through everything now.... the Kundalini Fire awakened within all. Burning away for new birth to occur, for all to rise from the ashes (Phoenix Energy) to be re-born anew (Christed). Every reality is REPRESENTATIVE.... it's to show each what is going on inside. The outer chaos reflects the inner chaos, the outer peace reflects the inner peace, the outer everything reflective of what needs attention/resolving from inside for the outside to shift.... for your eyes see what you believe, they show you what you fear, they show you your own empowered/dis-empowered state, your own caring/consideration/respect, your own inner-connection or disconnected state.... That external reality is your materialized everything, and as PURITY, LOVE and UNITY BECOME where you function from, how you live your life, how you make your decisions, how to treat each other (kindness), then this reflects back to you..... The old realities are strong and you must break the energy yourself, dissolve the energy/program and choose to write a whole new program to take it's place, one that's of your highest SOUL and Universal Alignment instead of your old human one. You will not understand the difference until there is more than ONE OF YOU inside of your body and you are choosing which one "runs the show".... where you allow your human to lead, then your human reality will prevail. Where you ARE your Higher Self, then you will see your human programs playing out within you and out there and you will get to choose to stop these IMMEDIATELY.... or let them play out as long as they need to for you to finally become fully conscious and "learn" to intentionally shift all yourself. You can continue to blame everything or you can take your power back and choose. You can keep one foot (or your whole body) in the old matrix until all of this energy/programming is broken down or you can identify it and break it down/dissolve it/reprogram it yourself. Having awareness of a matrix is just one part of the equation. Awareness is not enough. What you do with this awareness... this is what matters. One is a fully conscious choice and the other is unconscious still. Your fully conscious choice will be you choosing to leave the matrix instead of holding onto it out of fear. On the other side of the Veils, there is a much higher existence that is amazing, beautiful, exquisite and not suffering or experiencing any lack at all. The way you get there is by embracing and choosing to dissolve these veils that you held inside of you yourself. It will challenge everything human/ego about you, which is the whole point. It's not going to be comfortable for your human, as it's not supposed to be, yet on a Soul Level, you will know... and this is what it takes for each to transition to the NEW/UNKNOWN from the safe/known/old..... the "unknown" is only unknown to your human ego aspect, as it doesn't have the ability to see or understand. Only your highest aspect of you has this access and it's up to you to maintain this AT ALL TIMES, no matter what.... it's got to be your own priority... as your whole physical reality does depend on this..... for the physical is a culmination point of your unconscious/consciousness..... when you are fully conscious, then you see your own unconsciousness and the reflections of this playing in the extended virtual reality as well. When you are unconscious, then your emotions and limited beliefs run the show, which play out in your physical for you... and you cannot see/hear/understand until you STOP and open your heart/mind/energy fully again and learn to respect/trust what is not yet visible, yet it can be felt and heard.... if you will listen with all of you.... ♥ This large-scale restructuring has just begun and shall continue to increase. Focus your energy on stabilizing constantly and integrating, so that your physical can realign easier for you. If you allow your fears and mind to take control, then you will short out, overwhelm and overload (which also needs to occur for molecular breakdown/restructuring to occur). How you experience this can be by choice (honoring your body/you) or waiting until you cannot do anything and your body overrides your human mind or both/all deplete, because you are not conscious of what you are doing with your energy.... Respect your energy, respect the energy of others.... Higher Dimensional Timeline existence is respect, lots of space and honoring all fully from within. I will share more as we go.... StarGates are finally activating and synchronizing, as we now close this gateway out and now move into the next. This is now focused on these next 3 months and the power that comes from these immense REALity shifting experiences, as we all move into our next phases of purposes/missions here. We are focused on what we are anchoring/integrating and unifying all new much higher timelines here, while the old ones wither out and die.... playing out as long as each one allows this/needs this/holds any unconscious programmed energy still..... Your higher timelines are simple, easy and do not involve chaos, conflict or strife..... when you are ready to release these from within you, then out there will re-structure accordingly for you.... All that anger, all that judgment, all that pain, blame, shame, guilt, "have to" energy dissolves... as you become conscious... you realize it no longer serves you and you do not need/have to keep experiencing this as you are ready to open up fully and expand your perceptions to that of your own SOUL's presence.... Those "lower vibrational emotions" are fueled by your own mentalities and beliefs and these keep you held to a reality that you once believed.... as you are ready to no longer believe them, then freer, more awesome realities can emerge to take their place. You will be faced with choosing, all along the way, as where you still are "human", you'll have to choose what you believe.... what your limited ego says or what you know inside, without any proof at all.... as your proof comes as you open up to trust/reconnect again.... This COLLECTIVE TIMELINE SPLIT that has occurred (and yes it has), is one of those who are intentionally unifying/coming together without the duality limits like before, those able to maintain a Christed/Crystalline/Unity Consciousness/Pure Source Creator Consciousness State, while allowing all to play their current timelines out now..... This split is definitive in a way that is only visible if each goes inward to see where to focus their energy now, focus their resources, focus their attentions... You will see those "fighting" the old still, which is held within their physical body matrix, which is a part of returning to power within and when the mind-blowing realities have opened the heart/mind enough for the higher heart chamber and higher mind chamber and pineal gland to open up enough for higher vision to be achieved/restored, then each will choose to transition out of the old earth matrix to connect up fully with the Crystalline Matrix of NEW Earth. These realities are polar opposites.... Human aspects beneath the veils are experiencing high magnitude blasting to their realities, as the important SOULar/Cosmic frequency disruptions are necessary to disrupt the frequency bandwidths of unconsciousness..... During these disruptions, our electronics (and all Earthly Bodies) are affected too. This is a part of the process, be patient. Honor your body and the down-time necessary for re-everything to occur. These disruptions are literally interrupting the frequency transmissions of unconsciousness and are necessary to awaken the masses (at first to shaking their head/confusion), where they wipe their eyes of the old illusions and are shocked awake, scurry in fear and other emotional responses that "seem" unconscious (yes they are, yet they are important as well). These initial emotional responses will dissipate, turn into another emotion, until that one is dissolved, then into another.... until all "victim" emotions are gone, which is when the heart will open fully, so that their higher consciousness can activate too. Be patient, supportive, yet focus on you, what you are doing, being, allowing, creating and how you are uniting on the dimensional plane you are currently residing on..... There will be many human bodies dying as those Souls complete their missions here. They return to the Unified Field as Love, not in lack or need, so any emotions each experiences is their own "healing"/wholing that needs to occur. The human body was the "host" body for the Soul. Humans are unable to understand this, as they attach to the human form, instead of connecting with the Soul that is infinite and never bound to the body.... It just occupied that body for awhile.... Human bodies that are meant to experience Physical Body Ascension require that the Soul (Light) be able to fully integrate with the entire body structure, systems and re-code/re-tune/re-configure the whole body differently, which is what multi-dimensionals experience. When the body cannot integrate the Soul Body, then the body will shut down. The Breath of Life/KA will deplete and that body's electromagnetic system will go offline permanently.... Which is what physical death is. For each "transitioning" with their physical body, this depletion will occur often and many times for full body ascension to occur. As long as there is one Breath of Life still existent, the body will maintain and experience a re-boot necessary for a body-template upgrade/re-write to occur. This is a continual process until the full template has been restored to ORIGINAL TEMPLATE and distorted codes have been overwritten with all new. This occurs naturally with the activation of our Crystalline/Christed/Universal Body DNA. Our human aspect does not have the capability to understand any of this and will try to understand all according to limited old programs & beliefs. Only one's Higher Self/Soul understands this, so it's important to connect with this aspect of yourself when you experience any body things as a part of your physical body evolution here. Take care in the beliefs you hold and those of limited/old beliefs too. When you open up to asking others, make sure they support your highest understanding, instead of an old fear-based one. It's easy for our human to give our power away. You don't want to shift giving your power away from one thing to another. You want to reconnect to your own inner power and utilize everything to support this. ♥ There's tons more, there always is. I'll return/write as is appropriate. We are doing what we need to do for these next phases, while everyone resolves old programs/separation in order to join together by contributing in the ways that are most appropriate and beneficial to the whole. Sometimes what is most beneficial is what others do not yet see until they are ready too....♥ I love you. Keep shining your light, keep generating awesomeness, experiencing the magnificence available in every moment, supporting how you are called to support, contribute how you are called to contribute and holding the encodments for our highest timelines so that as our fields connect we can come together to accomplish the vastness our all of our next phases.... ♥ Lisa Transcendence Brown

Er gebeurd iets vreemds in de weergave op het blog, de kleine letters kun je overslaan,lezen vanaf hier... de grotere letters, leest makkelijker :-) Hartegroet♥

Intentional Gatekeepers & Gridkeepers Complete the Anchoring of Higher Timelines through "Body Template Grid Encoding Processes" in Unison with our Fully Awakened Living Earth Gaia & Living Cosmos, Convergences, Grand Awakening Timelines Expedite


This has been a vast month of HOLDING HIGHER TIMELINES IN PLACE until we could complete the INTEGRATION of these new codes/encodements, which is signified by StarGates activating to synchronize and shift all to a higher timeline. It's been a month of immense focus of our own Energy on what we came here to accomplish, what we agreed to, before ever incarnating/walking into our physical forms. This goes so far BEYOND what is visible physically and what our unconscious limited human minds can comprehend. It takes fully expanding our consciousness into INFINITE dimensions/timelines/realities and holding this expansion, all of the time, to intentionally break the old programming as it presents. The amount of ENERGY it takes for intentional Gatekeepers & Gridkeepers to STABILIZE these frequencies is immense. As human realities spin out of control, to create chaos to awaken those deep beneath the veils of amnesia still, to open hearts and minds for unification to occur, to dissolve the separation, duality and structures of realities not aligned on a SOUL Level, we hold a RESPONSIBILITY TO MAINTAIN the highest everything, while each "the center of their own play", plays old unconscious realities/timelines out, until all of that ENERGY IS GONE....

maandag 25 september 2017


Energie-upgrade na Equinox van 22 september;Fysieke gewaarwordingen en ervaringen, die meestal verband houden met het ontgiftingsproces en de hernieuwde afstemming van je stoffelijk lichaam ten gevolge van de aanpassingen van het DNA aan deze hogere frequenties.

vrijdag 22 september 2017


By Diane Canfield,

Happy Fall Equinox Beloveds,
The energy of the Equinox started arriving 2 days ago. Remember the Equinox energy can run 10 days before to 10 days after the actual date of the Equinox of September 22. The symptoms of the portal opening have been intense hunger and intense dreams. We have also experienced very blissful feelings coming in. These can all signal portal openings. There are many signals and these are just a few of them. I and many in my family have felt intense hunger like we could not get enough to eat the past few days. It has been crazy! Also many are having very intense dreams and astral travels, this also signifies changes in timelines and intense energy coming in. The dreams are so deep, there is no way not to notice them.


ENERGIE UPDATE 22 september
Hierbij even een energie update over wat momenteel gaande is en dat daarbij de groei en transformatie vooropstaat, deze energie wat momenteel op aarde komt dwingt ons om naar in onszelf te kijken, heb inmiddels vernomen van vele mensen dat ze last hebben van een ovrberlast zenuwstelsel, hoofdpijn, griepverschijnselen, last van spieren, misselijkheid, duizeligheid en evenwichtstoornissen en slaap problemen, dit zijn ascensie verschijnselen oftewel de frequentie wat omhoog gebracht wordt in je systeem, kijk daarom goed naar je innerlijke groei processen.

SHE PRAYS...........

She prays for a man – a real man – a soul-empowered man, who is whole and complete, deep within himself.  One who will not cringe away from the Goddess within her, nor from the God within himself?  He is whole and complete within himself, as she is whole and complete within herself.


Upgrade van de energie en symptomen

Intense lichamelijke pijn. En vooral pijnen in en rondom je gezicht, tanden, kaken, hoofdpijnen, nekpijnen, schouders, achterkant hoofd en ruggengraat. Vele lichtwerkers en dragers van heilige codes zijn nu op groepsniveau oude trauma’s aan het loslaten en transformeren. Oud cellulair “afval” wordt omgezet (Atlantis, energie grids etc.). Ondersteuning van het lichaam in de vorm van reguliere of alternatieve zorg kan zeker behulpzaam zijn. Dit is met momenten zwaar en intensief. Vooral de gatekeepers en wayshowers blijken hier last van te hebben.

donderdag 21 september 2017


There is so much happening right now, we are going through another accelerated wave. The galactics are almost done with buffering the energy as it comes in, so that's why we are having the earthquakes.
In our personal lives, we are receiving the transformational energy full on! What no longer serves you dishes itself right up to you in your reality. However those suffering in the earthquakes are having to deal with Earth's shifting body.

LICHTMEESTERS BOODSCHAP VAN DE METATRON / 9 september 2017 / Tetsiea Blijham

 9 september 2017 / Tetsiea Blijham
Welkom. Welkom in mijn Veld. Ik ben de Metatron. Welkom in mijn Veld van de Kristallijnen frequenties. De frequenties, de Kristallijnen frequenties, zijn de Velden die sinds kort door mij geopend zijn. Omdat de mensheid al zover was in het Ontwakingsproces. Sinds het einde van de vorige eeuw is het Bewustzijn van de mens zo gestegen, zo in de versnelling geraakt, dat jullie nu in staat zijn om te verbinden met mijn frequenties, vanuit het Kristallijnen Veld. Ik ben degene die dit Veld geopend heeft, geregeerd heeft. Door de verbinding met het Kristallijnen Veld is het Ontwakingsproces van de mensheid verduizendvoudigd, minimaal. Door je te verbinden met dit Veld is jouw Ontwakingsproces verduizendvoudigd. Dat wat jij levenslang nodig had om te verwerken, verwerk jij nu in een leven. Daarom ervaar je, jou leven als zo snel. Zo in de centrifuge, zoals in de rollercoaster, kun je dat noemen.
Weet dat, dat wat jij meemaakt in dit leven, die versnelling daarin Goddelijk geleid is en voorgeprogrammeerd is, door vorige levens. Ja, jouw lichaam heeft vaak tijd nodig om bij te benen in jouw Ontwakingsproces. Daarom heb je vaak zoveel last van je lichaam. Jouw Ziel is al vele stappen vooruit. En jouw lichaam heeft het nodig om uitgezuiverd te worden, zodat het mee kan in jouw proces. Jouw proces gaat ook versneld in je interactie met andere mensen, sommige mensen die niet ontwaakt zijn of die nog aan het ontwaken zijn. Omdat jij zo vooruit holt voel jij je vaak ontheemd, niet meer verbonden met anderen. Dat komt door dit proces. Weet dat niet jij de enige bent die vooruit holt, dat anderen met jou hollen. En dat iedereen de tijd nodig heeft om te ontwaken, om bewust te worden wat goed is voor hem of haar. Voel je niet ontheemd, onthecht. Want die verbinding die blijft. Maar ook de verbinding met anderen, die vooruit snellen. Verbindt je ook met hen, zoek ze op. Verbindt je met hen in de ether, dus online, in energie, in het Veld. Want samen zijn jullie hele grote stappen aan het zetten. 
Ik ben de Metatron en dit is mijn boodschap.
- Tetsiea


Reaching the Summit

article by: at: 20th Sep 2017 
Quick video on where we are on this journey.  There is a MP3 version beneath the video for those that don’t want to go on youtube.

Take care of you <3

MP3 here
Audio Player

dinsdag 19 september 2017


Vermoeidheid tijdens je ont-wakingsproces

Veel mensen die door de verschuiving gaan van Indigo naar Kristal ondervinden dat intense vermoeidheid en zich afgepeigerd voelen twee van de meest aanwezige symptomen zijn van hun verschuiving. Ze voelen zich aldoor uitgeput, en willen alleen maar slapen. En als ze slapen, slapen ze diep en willen ze niet opstaan. En zo, wat gebeurt er en waarom voelen we ons zo?

zaterdag 16 september 2017


Energie-shift 16 september;
Er is een enorme integratie bezig van energieën in je zonnevlecht, de nieuwe engelenchakra, het 'Gaia-punt', waarbij angst op persoonlijk, genetisch en familieniveau opgeschoond wordt. ' dit geeft symptomen;

Tijdelijke 5 D tijdslijn is nu beschikbaar. / 10 september 2017 / Jenny Schiltz

Voor degene die makkelijker in het nederlands lezen.....;-)

Tijdelijke 5 D tijdslijn is nu beschikbaar.
10 september  2017  /  Jenny Schiltz
In meditatie werd me getoond waar zielen naar toe worden gebracht in tijdelijke tijdslijnen. Het was een verbazend gezicht, elke ziel kreeg een energetische duw en een zuivering. Ik vroeg wat er plaats vond en ze vertelden me dat ieder er aan wordt herinnerd wie ze zijn en dat hun bedoeling is om op te stijgen. Ik zag elke ziel die een beetje lichter werd, helderder en toen werden ze op de juiste collectieve tijdslijn gezet.

donderdag 14 september 2017



Expansie van het lichtlichaam, je oude vorm loslaten!

Langzaam maar zeker bereiken we de volgende stap in ons galactisch-genetische proces en dit betreft vooral onze veranderende biologie (lees: pijn) en de expansie van het lichtlichaam (lees: meer pijn). Dit heeft alles van doen met de versmelting van geest en materie sinds het moment dat we ons ware zelf zijn gaan belichamen. Dit is de langverwachte stap in het Ascentieproces.
We hebben dit niveau zelf bereikt en het enige wat ons stuurde was ons eigen interne kompas, de roep die continu ons innerlijke weten versterkt dat er iets meer is, iets grootser en belangrijkers wanneer ons werk er op zit.

DOORHEEN HET GEBOORTEKANAAL /13 september 2017 / Door Fran Tielemans

13 september 2017 / Door Fran Tielemans
Momenteel gaan we allen door een geboortekanaal. Elke geboorte is een uitdaging, waar heel wat spanning aan vooraf gaat, en die voelen we nu. Je kan geconfronteerd worden met gebeurtenissen waardoor duidelijk wordt dat je bepaalde dingen dient te herzien, of dat je dingen anders dient aan te pakken. De trilling stijgt zelfs letterlijk, wat velen aanvoelen als extra belasting van hun zenuwstelsel, grote onrust, moeite om te focussen, stoornissen in hartritme, paniekaanvallen, vermoeidheid, enzovoort.

dinsdag 12 september 2017




Kara Schallock – What is the New Earth? It is a consciousness that is completely different from the old earth; where 3D duality and the old matrix controlled us. The New Earth is being created as we each claim our Sovereignty, Power and Freedom. The New Earth is not an improved old earth; it is completely new and different and we are creating it as we go. It is totally new; it is a new reality, free from lies and illusions, as well as free from duality and separation. Its consciousness is Oneness/Unity. The New Earth is where each being knows they are Divine and multidimensional. We create our life and New Earth through our consciousness. The New Earth is Heart-centered; not mind-centered.




Temporary 5D Timeline now Available.

article by: Jenny Schiltz at: 10th Sep 2017 
Temporary 5D timeline is now available.
In meditation, I was shown where souls are being moved into temporary timelines. It was an amazing sight, each soul was receiving an energetic boost and a clearing. I asked what was taking place and they told me that each one is being reminded of who they are and their intention of ascending. I saw each soul get a little lighter, brighter and then they were then put on the appropriate collective timeline.

maandag 11 september 2017


De energie van september 2017 door Jennifer Hoffman

De energie van september 2017 door Jennifer Hoffman

Nieuwe maand, nieuwe kansen

We zijn in een nieuwe maand nu en ook in een nieuwe cyclus van 9 maanden. Het lijkt of de enorme energieën van deze maand alle kanten op schieten, maar eigenlijk wordt het hele 3D-denken eens opgeschud.
Deze maand moeten we moeilijke keuzes maken, maar we hebben de middelen en wijsheid daartoe in handen, en doordat we deze nieuwe cyclus met méér inzicht beginnen, kunnen we het duister flink verlichten.
Autonomie en Verbondenheid met het Goddelijke (hét thema van 2017) zijn de sleutelwoorden voor september en we kunnen ze eens flink uittesten in deze danig chaotische maand.

De Arcturiaanse Groep - “Ben Het Licht” - 10 September 2017 / Marilyn Rafaelle

De Arcturiaanse Groep
Ben Het Licht”
10 September 2017 / Marilyn Rafaelle
Dierbaren, wij komen vandaag om over Liefde en de gevolgen te spreken van diens ontkenning en onderdrukking. Liefde is de samenhangende energie van alle dingen en is alomtegenwoordig, maar totdat dit beseft en erkend wordt als zodanig, kan het toeschijnen niet bestaand te zijn. Vergeet nooit de jullie scheppers zijn.

donderdag 7 september 2017

Current Cosmic Quantum Energy Report: Advanced Intelligent Life Forms DNA Activations Delivery for Integration into all Earthly Physical Bodies of Matter ~ LISA TRANSCENDENCE BROWN

Current Cosmic Quantum Energy Report: Advanced Intelligent Life Forms DNA Activations Delivery for Integration into all Earthly Physical Bodies of Matter


After weeks of Light Waves and Crystalline/Christed Consciousness flooding our evolving bodies and planet (both being referred to as "Planetary Bodies"), powerful cleansing processes, powerful integration phases, which continue to increase as we move further into our Photonic Age of Existence, we've now entered into increased StarGate Alignment and Advanced Rapid DNA Enhancements again.

These are focused on activating all Higher Intelligent Life Forms to come further online with our Crystalline Grid Matrix Programs here to evolve all on this planet earth and further contribute to Galactic/Solar System existence within a Multi-Dimensional Matrix System replacing the old "Human Experience" Matrix programs of unconsciousness, amnesia and forgetting through incarnation here. Walk-ins incarnated differently than birthing incarnations, therefore the experiences are a bit different, yet for the same purposes for bringing humanity through to a whole new existence here.

dinsdag 5 september 2017

De Arcturianen: Met jullie overgangen beginnend via Suzanne Lie 26 augustus 2017

De Arcturianen:
Met jullie overgangen beginnend
via Suzanne Lie 26 augustus 2017
Geliefde familieleden die een aarde voertuig dragen, wij de Arcturianen spreken nu tot jullie binnen dit NU, wij wensen jullie te herinneren dat jullie beginnen met jullie overgang. Sinds er zo veel expressies zijn van het zijn van een mens binnen jullie NU, wensen wij, de Arcturianen te delen wat wij hebben gezien vanuit het observeren van jullie dapperheid en creativiteit.
Ten eerste, veel van jullie hebben de kunst om kalm te blijven en het zich richten op in aanwezigheid van de grote overgang, onder de knie gekregen.
Niet enkel is jullie buitenwereld sneller en sneller aan het veranderen, maar ook jullie fysieke lichaam is meer en meer aan het veranderen.

Berichten van Aartsengel Michael: Het Creëren van een “Nieuwe Bekrachtigde Jij” / 1 September, 2017 / via Ronna Hermans

Het Creëren van een “Nieuwe Bekrachtigde Jij”
1 September, 2017 / *LM-09-2017 Doorgegeven via RONNA / Heilige Schrijfster
Geliefde Meesters, zoals de Opperste Schepper de stroom van het Elixer van het Leven verhoogt door het Omniversum, is het van invloed op de hele Schepping. Jullie kunnen je er niet voor verbergen. Jullie kunnen het alleen ontkennen. Jullie levenslijn naar jullie Bron wordt sterker en de hele tijd meer genoodzaakt. De factor van magnetisatie wordt sterker en jullie magnetiseren naar jullie zelf in sterkere en sterkere maatstaven die jullie hebben opgevorderd als jullie werkelijkheid. Wanneer jullie geloven dat jullie moeten leven in armoede en chaos, zullen deze gedachtenvormen zich versterken in jullie leven. Als jullie de waarheid hebben geaccepteerd dat jullie recht hebben op een leven van schoonheid, vreugde en welvaart, zal deze werkelijkheid zich voor jullie ontvouwen (als jullie het doorvoeren, uitvoeren (voleinden) en de juiste stappen nemen zoals uiteengezet in onze vele vorige berichten).



Rainbow Phoenix URGENT 
5 September 2017
Een Boodschap van Rainbow Phoenix
Dit is een speciale oproep aan mijn dierbare broeders en zusters.
1) De Bron heeft me een richtlijn gegeven betreffende alle verwoesting die in deze tijd aan de VS wordt toegebracht. Het is noodzakelijk dat we ONVOORWAARDELIJKE LIEFDE zenden aan orkaan Irma, het instrument dat wordt gebruikt, de manipulatoren en allen die door het ernstige weer worden aangedaan, denk daar dan aan op elke tijd van de dag. Haal alle gedachten weg van boosheid/vrees voor ieder soort. Dit project heeft alleen jullie onvoorwaardelijke liefde nodig. De Bron heeft veel informatie verzorgd over wat je kunt doen en dat zal ik enige keren overdag doen, minstens voor de volgende week.

maandag 4 september 2017


September started off showing us what is possible and still existent within. It opened a Gateway for each to SEE and EXPERIENCE the "Result of Consciousness" "faster" now. Continual Convergence has expedited in a magnanimous way.

August was a huge month of integration, a POWERFUL month of activations, veil removal, clearing physical density, re-structuring cellularly & REALities like never before, and this will continue as the constructs of the old crumble, collapse, dissolve, dismantle (intentionally or unconsciously) - INSIDE - for any linear constructs to be replaced with non-linear, vibrational ones. The more unconscious, the more this appears to happen outside first, while in fact, inside is already doing this and outside is just reflecting this back.


♦  Understanding Multi-Dimensional Earth REALities is KEY ♦
Aloha Unity Light Holders, Change-Makers & Anchors of Our NEW Earth here,

Each Earth continues to experience vastly (Polarity) different REALities, due to the timeline split that has continually occurred over the (linear) years through this collective one that continues to increase now. You will see the significance of this in your own actual experiences and what "out there" in virtual land shows you as alternate realities, as your Universal Mind Body activates your new holographic viewer to see more of this from within you. Your inner viewer can observe multiple dimensions simultaneously and determine what dimensional timeline is represented, what is happening on the different versions of Earths and more. It's so easy to maintain higher timeline experiences with these ultra-high frequencies as we all fulfill our own Soul's Destiny now.


September Energies

Christina Lavers

 – I hope everyone weathered the powerful energies of August as well as possible. I know for many the intensity didn’t disappoint. From the feedback I have received, it seems that most sensitives felt challenged and confronted by some of the personal and collective ‘stuff’ the energies dredged up. However, those who embraced their process through working with the energies were likely to have encountered some powerful revelations about self, new perspectives, deeper insight, and ways to move forward. On the other hand, those that focused on the negative may have found themselves struggling, often unable to maintain their centre and sense of balance. Even those of us who would not consider ourselves sensitives would have likely experienced a level of discomfort that, though largely unconscious, may have made us feel more irritable and reactive than normal.
This month the strong energies still feel present. These high frequencies are becoming the new norm, and the more open we are to them, the more we will benefit from them. These energies that are pushing us to raise our frequency are designed to help heal so that we can become the true, shiny, divine beings that we all are at heart.


When You Just Feel Like Escaping The Game of Life (Reality)

Sonia Barrett

From time to time we experience feelings of wanting to escape this human game. This is quite understandable. At times life feels as if it is just too much. The constant ebb and flow of emotions entangled in all that we experience. We want it to stop! But what is it that we want to be stopped? Is it the experience itself or is it the emotions and feelings which allow us to evaluate what is being experienced. It can be tiring particularly because much of this is taking place in our minds!