zondag 30 oktober 2016



Dit artikel kwam ik tegen , het geeft inderdaad een geboorte aan van een nieuw lichaam, de energie die dit bewerkstelligd ervaren we nu..geweldig om te lezen Lots of Love to U <3



KRISTALLIJN LICHAAM Activaties kristallijne cellen en buitenaards DNA / Door Arthura Hector / 29-10-2016

Activaties kristallijne cellen en buitenaards DNA
Het kristallijne lichaam is een onderdeel van de nieuwe aarde, het opgaan in een fijnstoffelijk lichaam naar de vijfde dimensie. Deze dimensie is nu zichtbaar aan het worden, maar de verschuivingen op aarde van grof naar fijnstoffelijk geven chaos weer. Laat verwarring niet de overhand krijgen, maar stem je af op de liefde.


Voor mij is de uitdaging op dit moment, om rustig met de energie te Zijn, die als een constante door het lichaam pulseert, niets ontziend……alle plekken worden aangedaan en waar nog dichte energie aanwezig is, daar wordt geruimd:D  Alle lagen worden afgepeld en het mooie is dat dit ook in alle lagen van de wereld bevolking plaats vind…ongeacht of je het je bewust bent of niet…time to wake up!  Waar vooral veel opslag zit is in onze botstructuren,tanden.. dit is ook  verdichte materie, deze mogen ook bevrijd worden van hun herinneringen…dus voel je veel energie, soms bij het pijnlijke af om dit te releasen, we worden steeds lichter!

zaterdag 29 oktober 2016


De mooiste diamanten ontstaan, door intense hoge druk....voor langere tijd..Deze diamanten stralen zoveel licht uit en hebben zo'n perfectie bereikt...JIJ Bent een Diamant...Ja JIJ!!

Shine Your Light...Shine Bright Like a Diamond!! 


Dancing with the Diamond Star Fire : the 10/10 and 11/11 Gateways and the New Beginning

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You live in intense and powerful times, Beloveds. At this time, the Diamond Light and the Diamond Codes are activating your Earth with a fiery form of the Diamond Light that we call the Diamond Star Fire.

What is the Diamond Star Fire?
It is the substance of your Cosmic Being, of your Soul, and the energy of Creativity. You might also call it “Soul Fire”, as it is a powerful electrical fire energy that activates the Cosmic Desire to dance in the light in the Creative Process. It is what we might call “Angel Fire”, and it is where the Soul acknowledges its Divine Essence and accepts the Angelic Star Fire into its Physical Embodiment.


vrijdag 28 oktober 2016


I call upon the Overlighting of Mother/Father God,
and all the Illumined Beings of Light from On High that I personally acknowledge,
as I now merge with my Beloved I Am Presence,
the Highest aspect of my Soul Light within the Cosmic Heart of God.

Within this sacred space,
I enter into my Christed Heart of Divine Unconditional Love.
I now activate the Petals of my Christed Heart:
my Peaceful Heart,
my Loving Heart,
my Healing Heart,
my Joyful and Happy Heart,
my Innocent and Open Heart,
my Powerful Heart,
my Knowing Heart,
my Passionate Heart,
my Overflowing and Prosperous Heart,
my Trusting Heart,
my Heart of Integrity and Truth,
And now I enter into the Petal of my Intimate Heart.

Breathing deeply into my body,
I acknowledge myself as this sacred transfiguring Flame of Divine Love and Master Being of Light.
I Am an Open Heart in this Golden Age of Light.
As I connect deeper now into my authentic loving Self,
I allow myself to be vulnerable, trusting, and free of shame,
letting go of judgment of self and others,
and any fear of intimacy I may have.
I Am a powerful, magnificent, sacred, sexual Being of Light.
I Am All That I Am.

As the Petal of my Intimate Heart now activates,
I deepen into the knowing that I am unique, immeasurable in my magnificence and Light.
I let go of the need to hid my Light,
to shield myself from others,
or to compare myself with others.
I choose to Love my Self,
all parts of myself, which are uniquely and authentically mine.
I Am All That I Am.

The Sirian Archangelic League of the Light now come forward,
placing me in an Intimate Christed Heart Chamber of Light.
As this multidimensional, multicolored laser light grid activates around my body and energy field,
in a beautiful silver-gold grid of Light,
I start to breathe more deeply into my body now.
Expanding my lower abdomen on the in-breath,
And contracting my lower abdomen on the out-breath.
As I deepen into the Knowing of my Divinity, purity and innocence,
I deepen into the presence of my Godself,
In conscious awareness and Self-Love.
I Am One with my Beloved I Am Presence,
I Am One with Mother/Father God,
I Am One with all Life.
I Am All That I Am.



maandag 24 oktober 2016


Understanding Your Impact on this World


The guides have asked that I share this experience as it will help each of us truly understand our impact on our world.

I was feeling the need to take a road trip, I had no destination in mind only that I wanted to get away. Within a few hours my husband calls and says, “Let’s get away this weekend”. I laughed at the synchronicity of it all. I asked where he wanted to go and he suggested that we explore the Million dollar byway in Colorado ski country before the roads became too hard to transverse without a four-wheel drive.  I was totally game. That evening we were discussing it and he said that he found a place called the Victorian Inn, we called but they were full. I hopped on priceline and much to my surprise there was listed The Victorian Inn. We booked it and planned our journey.

dinsdag 18 oktober 2016








Expect These Energy Transmutations by Healing Energy Tools

Via In5D.com October 17, 2016 (Spiritual Awakening) via HealingEnergyTools
Ascension is an expected and normal part of the evolutionary development of the Universe. It has always been so and will continue until it is no longer necessary as a collective process. The body during Ascension will know how to readjust and reorganize itself because this process is quite normal. This process of transformation has been coded within the cells of the body and is taking place naturally. What people are now learning to do is how to assist what is occurring naturally with outside factors: being aware of the foods they are eating, being aware of their connection to the earth and by being aware of the direction their body is leading them. The greater you are aware of the process, the greater you can assist what is already going on and will be continuing at its natural pace according to the cellular coding for each individual.

zaterdag 15 oktober 2016


Creating the New Earth ~ Lady Nada

by Jenny Schiltz


Greetings, I am honored to be able to reach so many in this way. We come with the message that you are in a very important time. It is a time that will require much focus and dedication on your part. You are in the time of creation. You are in fact creating the new earth in every moment, in every thought, with every action. It is with this knowledge that we ask you – What are you creating?
The new earth is here now, it is completely accessible to all who choose to maintain a higher vibratory frequency. There are many who believe that in one singular moment you will find yourself transported to a new location, one without negativity and darkness. Is this possible? Absolutely, but you see the new earth is being created by you. So again we ask: What are you creating?
There has been much information about the new earth and many are not completely understanding that while it is fully accessible, tangible and anchored into the now, the actual hologram of personal existence is being created by each person individually. Think on this as your graduation present from leaving the lower density, you now are able to create and manifest what it is that you desire. A being who is able to remove all of their filters, beliefs and programming will be able to manifest an easier smoother life, one that flows with source and all of her creations. While another being who is still reacting and thinking from the place of conditioning will create a life that reflects that conditioning and beliefs. Understand that it is only you who can set yourself free. While you are receiving all the help allowed there is still free will, even on the new earth.

zaterdag 8 oktober 2016


Energy Update: Coming Home

by Jenny Schiltz

It has been a while since I blogged an energy update because I have been so deep in the changes myself. It really is an extraordinary time of not only physical changes but profound changes in how we think of the world and ourselves. It has been said many times that this time period is the time in which truth comes to light. Most of the time when I have seen this reference it is followed by upcoming revelations within the government, pharmaceuticals, and corruption throughout the world. Yet, that negates what is truly happening with the energies. We are being shown the truth deep within ourselves. We are being exposed completely. All that we thought we understood, our very foundation is being rattled. Our shadow, our inner child will no longer stay in the back ground, it is rising up to show us our patterns, where we have limited ourselves and where we still hold deep pain. No longer can we minimize our experiences because they have had such a huge impact. This is not to say that we need to rehash them or relive them, it is to simply say – it is time the truth arises.
When I say the words, the shadow must come to light, I almost want to roll my own eyes and say “I’ve done shadow work, I have embraced myself.” Yet, through all the work, I know in my heart that I am now exploring another level. When we first begin this journey we start to look at who we are, our light and our dark sides and at times the mood swings seem to take us to either end of the spectrum. Each swing is showing us how light we can be and also just how much is hidden.

woensdag 5 oktober 2016


Er was eens…lang geleden in het jaar 2016…een jongetje met de naam Daniël.  In de nacht voorafgaand aan zijn 9e verjaardag had hij een droom. Hij droomde dat er een draak op verjaardagsvisite kwam, speciaal voor hem. Hij had ook een prachtig cadeau bij zich: een heel groot kristal. Daniël keek z’n ogen uit, overal was wat te zien en te bewonderen.
‘Is dat moois echt voor mij?’ vroeg hij aan de draak.
‘Jazeker’, zei de draak, ‘en zorg er goed voor want dat kristal, dat ben jij! Hoe beter je er voor zorgt, hoe meer je zult stralen!’
Daniël zette het kristal op zijn nachtkastje, zodat hij er goed naar kon kijken.
En de draak zei: ‘ik lust wel iets lekkers ;-) ik ben tenslotte op verjaardagsvisite’.
‘O, even kijken’, zei Daniël, en hij sloop heel zachtjes naar beneden, naar de kast waar mama de koekjes bewaarde. ‘Houd je van chocolade koekjes?’ vroeg hij aan de draak. ‘Jammie’, zei de draak, ‘dat zijn de lekkerste’. Samen aten ze koekjes en praatten honderduit, over van alles en nog wat.
‘Hoe heet je eigenlijk’, vroeg Daniël aan de draak. Ik heb niet echt een naam, zei de draak, maar jij mag er eentje voor me verzinnen. ‘O’,…zei Daniël en hij dacht heel diep na….’Ruben? Vind je dat mooi?’
‘Ja hoor’, zei de draak, ‘jij mag me Ruben noemen. En als je me roept met die naam, kom ik ff langs, net zoals nu! Maar nu moet ik weg’.
‘Nu al?’ riep Daniël uit, ‘je bent er net!’

En nadat ze afscheid genomen hadden vloog de draak weg. Daniël keek hem na, met tranen in zijn ogen, want zijn nieuwe maatje werd steeds kleiner en kleiner in de sterrennacht, tot hij verdween.

dinsdag 4 oktober 2016



1 Oktober 2016 /Door Fran Tielemans
Bij het begin van oktober voelt het aan alsof we na een lange donkere nacht (wat september voor velen was) het slaapkamerraam opentrekken en de frisse weldoende lucht en het nieuwe licht de slaapkamer laten binnenstromen. Het is alsof we in september ondergedompeld werden gehouden in een ultiem transformatiebad – voor sommigen zeer intens, voor anderen eerder subtiel – met maar af en toe pauze om even naar adem te happen, aangevuurd door de aanhoudende zon-activiteit die voor heel wat spanning zorgde – energetisch, fysiek (veel spanning zorgt voor klachten aan spieren en gewrichten en ook de organen staan dan onder druk), emotioneel en mentaal. Maar net hierdoor staat de poort naar verandering en vernieuwing op de drempel van oktober wijd open. Het thema van oktober is dan ook: stap ik over de drempel, of blijf ik nog even wachten?