maandag 10 februari 2020

New and Amplified Ascension Symptoms of 2020 (To name a few) ~ Natoya Hall

New and Amplified Ascension Symptoms of 2020 (To name a few)

- Walking in different dimensions and realities and experiencing the Mandala Effect
- Feeling your body expand with different energies, one minute you feel “big”, the next you feel tall, the next you feel small etc. 
- Breathing differently based on the frequency you are on and breathing deeply and consciously to balance your energy field 
- Losing a lot of weight or gaining based on your Higher Self disposition; 
we are now starting to look, act and becoming our Star Lineage so this means your face may start to change, your body’s shape will change, hair, eyes might start to change colours, your eyes will start to "shift" based on who you are dialoguing with
- Senses have now amplified and you might feel like you can “taste” energy now, see multiple different versions of realities by looking at a person, place or thing
Intuition is amplified, seeing into the future or the truth of what something is 
Healing yourself and others instantly

- Shapeshifting your body and senses based on the energies around you
Seeing geometric shapes and frequencies and being able to change them with your consciousness
- Interconnected to ALL the versions of your self in the many different realities you are existing on simultaneously 
- Food will start to taste different, you will need to eat less, chew more slowly and deliberately; eating will become a thing of the past or only for “fun”
- An interconnectedness with nature especially the Elementals assisting us at this time 
Sleep becomes less but more “deeper”
- Blood Pressure “norm” will change, the colour of our blood will change, our Organs are changing, our DNA is changing to accommodate our Light Bodies
- Seeing your team and entities become much easier now; you might be seeing them already in your home or your peripheral vision
- Having meetings with your team on different planets at any given time; zoning out as you do this. This can be in an instant or in minutes; time is no longer linear, you can go on different planets or star systems to get a healing or speak with your light time in the time it takes for you to go to the kitchen; it is that quick.
Artist: Jeff Corsi

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