zaterdag 29 februari 2020

Surrender and Love Again By Morgan Lee

Surrender and Love Again

By Morgan Lee
Intel from higher self last night, was that some are experiencing a heaviness at this time.
A breaking down of the pain body currently occurring over the last few weeks, in order to prepare many, for another step towards self empowerment and self love.
Many had done a lot of work to forgive, those who they believed had hurt them and now it was time to step into the shoes of the others.
Symptoms including sadness, depression, headaches, physical pain, nausea, flashbacks of painful events, etc. due to the clearing that is currently occurring.
This clearing is associated with putting the self in the shoes of the other/s and seeing the other side of the story, therefore expanding the full perspective and understanding at a deeper level again, the perfection of all things and that there never was and never is, anything WRONG or BAD.

And taking responsibility for the pain that we have both consciously and unconsciously inflicted upon other selves, and releasing from the physical, mental and emotional bodies, without having to actually visit all of the stories.
Some will experience flashbacks of events where they had emotionally hurt another and see from a new perspective, situations that they had initially felt like the victim.
Some will have events occur, dreams, visions, memories etc. to revisit as an opportunity to see past situations from a higher perspective, at the same time honouring the emotions, feelings and physical symptoms as the gift that they are, in the transforming old stuck energy, back to pure love.
I am told that this would be a very confronting and difficult thing for the human to experience in full consciousness and that this energetic releasing, of unconscious shame and guilt, without all the details is a beautiful gift, arranged for self, by self.
Surrender, let go, love, surrender and love again.

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