vrijdag 28 februari 2020

High Vibe Tribe Newsletter ~ Sandra Walter

Blessings Beloveds ~

We are preparing for a stronger experience of simultaneous multidimensional awareness, or the Christed State of consciousness, with these surreal, lucid waves of Light. Embodying the vastly different state of the Higher Selves requires consistent integration. Stay aware of your moment by moment choices. Say yes to creativity, meditation in Zero Point, and getting out in nature often.

The next four Gate passages - and the weeks in between - are supporting our Embodiment and Ascension experiences in ever-increasing waves of Self-revelation.

Transformation, yes. Resurrection, yes. And a promise from our Higher levels and Gaia herself for a palpable consciousness-shifting, dimensional-unveiling experience. Shake off the anxiety and distractions with the higher truth of the Heart.

These Gates include March Equinox, Easter weekend, late May and the early June shift for Embodiers.

43 Days to the Crystalline Convergence Event!

So many ask how to connect with like-hearted Souls on the path. Seize the opportunity for Sacred travel and attend our annual event on April 11-12 in Sedona.

Our Mastery-Level event unifies Embodiers, Gatekeepers, Gridworkers, Lightworkers and Wayshowers in Divine Service. It is different every year, to serve the current Ascension trajectories. This is a unique opportunity for profound activations, amplified by the 2020 energies.

We unify on a powerful weekend for live experiences of the Christ Light Gateways within and without, DNA SuperRadiance, activations and presentations to accelerate our next levels of Embodiment.

Complete details and registration (seating is limited) are available on the beautiful event website HERE

Note: I highly encourage booking your housing and tickets now, since many Lightworkers are coming to Sedona during the Easter passage. We are going to generate a lot of new light! Housing connections with Tribe can be made via the Community Board after ticket purchase.

DNA DECREES on Social Media

To assist in preparation for the strong shifts,  I AM posting 44 Divine DNA decrees selected from the Crystalline DNA Mastery class to social media during this passage. Follow on Instagram or my Facebook Page to receive and implement them into your Ascension practices.

Small Group Event in Mount Shasta

Mount Shasta is calling me home for Equinox week ... goodness, how persistent she can be. Watch for this, beloveds:  I AM hearing many will be guided to different locations for this Gateway opening (Thursday, March 19) which culminates in the early June Divine Embodiment amplification.

I AM holding a private event on Saturday, March 21 from 10am -1pm in a private home in Mount Shasta, CA. This is an advanced small group DNA workshop utilizing the Equinox energies. Pre-payment ($222) and approval is required. Details 

Catching up on Content?

Last week's article on The New Stargate System and Divine Melancholia is 

Latest video on the basics of Ascension (great for sharing with new folks) is HERE.

The replay from this week's Wisdom of the Ancients show is HERE

Leap Day Weekend Ahead

Use the Leap-Day metaphor and make a leap of faith this weekend. Anything to activate your Freedom codes in the physical will assist with balancing the energies. How can you assist?

I have been embodying these beautiful waves of purer frequencies all week. Divine Mother vibration permeates so blissfully; contact and visitation has been frequent. We are in the pull of the Equinox already. Let us hold this new light level in Divine Neutrality, regardless of the dismantling effects on the external.

See you in the field on SUNday for the global 
SUNday Unity Meditations.
⁠Let us show HUmanity what is possible with Ascension!
In Love, Light and Service,

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