woensdag 26 februari 2020

Celia Fenn ~This is a post especially for my friends in Italy

This is a post especially for my friends in Italy, and there are many in the Milan and Venice areas. Several of you have written to me about the panic that you are experiencing in your communities around the Corona Virus and asked for help.

I have connected with Higher Guidance and Archangel Michael, and this is what comes through. 

The virus is basically a flu/cold virus, and has the same effects. Most people who are affected have mild symptoms and heal quickly.

Those who become very ill and even die are usually in the age range 70s and 80s with pre-existing conditions.
So this is not a deadly virus out to kill everyone, as it is being portrayed in the media. You may not know, but every year in the winter flu epidemics, people who are vulnerable do sicken and sometimes die.

The media are stirring up anxiety and fear, and creating hysteria.
Please do not allow yourself to be caught up in this.
Know that you are protected and loved by the Divine Light and the Angelic hosts.
Take reasonable precautions and stay calm and centered.

Know that if you become fearful and anxious, this undermines your immune system. So it is important to stay calm and peaceful.

Take the time to do breathing exercises to calm your nervous system, and do visualizations in which you are surrounded by Light and Angels.

Do affirmations daily, such as "My Body is Strong and Healthy".

Connect with your Angels, Guides and Higher Aspects...and know that you are loved and safe, and that it is important to keep your heart clear and your frequency high.

with love to all of you.

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