vrijdag 28 februari 2020

Blog Atian.be 28*02*2020: V for Victory (update)

It was a rather quiet week on the central nervous system-front yet since we've had another gamma ray burst on Thursday at 7:20 in the morning (UTC) the energies have ramped up. 
Schumann has been building up too, so have the magnetometers and other meters. 
Check images below.

Speaking of fronts: We' re in full force ascension-mode now so expect turbulence: those still stuck in ego and other psycho-games are coming up for a final battle, little do they know the Light has already won and this battle it's their complete demise.

 It is time to roar like a lion and get done with low vibe energy for once and for all.
It's not our energy, it never was in the first place.
We came here to clean up Earth and we're using our broomstick for the final time.
Swoosh, out go the energy-vampires.
The war on consciousness has been won.
Victory of the Light.

Alas vampires do as vampires do, which means they go out kicking and screaming.
I hoped for a peaceful and graceful exit yet that's an illusion.

As for us empaths: move forward and look forward.
We' ve taken control of this Planet for evermore.
The Light has won, the darkness is going where it is better served.
With V for Victory comes P for Peace.

Peace out comrads!

Update: Meanwhile there was another Gamma Ray Burst today, at 11:14:41 (nice digits!) UTC in the morning. See graph below.
If you're feeling completely overwhelmed, on overload on all fronts, hyper and beyond exhausted: join the club.
I honestly don't care anymore if I live or die at this point. 
Either of both is fine.
Our job here is done anyway so anything that comes next is a bonus. 
Yet in-the-air-bonuses are long overdue and have lost my interest and enthusiasm.
So long and perhaps until next time.

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