woensdag 26 februari 2020

Grace Solaris ~r evolutionary upgrade and activation of your central nervous system

Our galactic and angelic family of light are communicating entirely by the means of telepathy. 
It is a direct transfer of a feeling and vibrational imprint, that hold the information of what they want to transmit. 
Telepathy is the clearest and most powerful way of communicating, that make use of our entire spectrum of feeling and perceiving... way beyond our 5 senses. 

If our heart and third eye is clear, open and free (activated), we can transmit and receive, read, translate telepathic messages 1-1 with 100 % accuracy, as we experience the core essence of what is communicated on multiple levels.. in other words it is a merging of consciousness, an alchemical blending of FEELING.

Telepathy is our naturel way of communicating and how we communicated before we were taught the oral language. A new born is naturally communicating in this manner with her mother.

However thru the conditioning of the spoken word, we have unlearnt this universal mother tongue and also thru the closing of our heart and disconnection from our emotional body this sacred language has been lost or amputated to various degrees.

Our human dna has also been tampered with during different stages of human evolution, especially after the downfall of Atlantis, where the patriarchy left brain linear mindset programming was impregnated both into our dna as well as into a meticulous collective mind controle programming, that was aimed at disconnecting us from our divine self and create the internal split between our mind and heart and distort and destroy our ability to feel. 

This was done because our capacity to feel is the ultimate truth and key to truth and to freedom and because those in power knew that without our capacity to truly feel, they could keep us entrapped in the prison of mind enslavement.

However as more and more are clearing and disconnecting from this old separation mind controle matrix, we are ripe as a specie to re-activate and reclaim our full sensory perception and spiritual siddhis and return to our naturel mother tongue of telepathy, which is the basis for many other spiritual tools such as telekinesis, bilocation and teleportation. 

The Arcturians are diligently supporting us in clearing and upgrading our dna, rewiring our brain and heart as well as upgrading our endocrine and central nervous system to assist us in regaining our full galactic potential, gifts and talents, which are due to be reinstalled as humanity is advancing into omniversal multidimensional consciousness as a new specie of conscious galactic humanoids in our progressing diamond crystaline light bodies.

Please join us in Sunday‘s global group activation for an epic revolutionary upgrade and activation of your central nervous system as well as your hypothalamus and thalamus gateway for the opening to your full FEELing capacity and telepathic abilities.

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