zaterdag 29 februari 2020

A message from the Source ~ Davian Art

A message from the Source

 Hihanni was’te beautiful family of souls,
there is something i would like to clarify about the Great Event and the dimensional transition.
Many people give dates and say that in 2020/2021 there will be the transition or the famous transition to a golden age.
During one of my discussions with the Source yesterday, she asked me to transcribe and share her message, which breaks down into five important points:
“1 ° – Giving a precise date freezes things. You know that time does not really exist. There is only the present moment. Or the zero point.
Everything is movement in this spiral circle which is space time.
We can neither freeze things nor control them. And even less predict them, there are so many possibilities.
2 ° – Giving a date places you waiting for something.
However, you just have to put aside all forms of waiting and detach yourself from all dual aspects to be fully in the present.

3 ° – Your brothers and sisters of the Nations of the Stars constantly repeat to you to refocus in your heart and to live in the present moment, it is not for nothing.
But does anyone really listen?
4 ° – Don’t assume anything. Don’t pretend anything. Do not assert things. Be humble, and don’t mislead others. Don’t make them follow you about beliefs you may have.
Live your experience. Do not put yourself in waiting, but create yourself – by the power of creative thinking – what you would like to live and be.
The changes go through you to start. So listen to your true feelings, listen to the voice whispering in your heart. It is the voice of your soul – and therefore of Who I Am – of which you are all a part.
5 ° – The transition will not occur in the future, since you are already there.
The fourth dimension is a transition dimension. Look closely all around you, with the eyes of your heart – with the eyes of your soul – aren’t you fully inside? “
So do not wait any longer (what are you waiting for? A Messiah? Savior Extraterrestrials?), Live in the present, refocus and be fully who you really are, now. Not tomorrow, or in a month or even in a year.
No, the transition is now taking place, so make your choice. You alone decide what you live in the eternal present moment.
You are loved unconditionally.

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