zondag 23 februari 2020

New Moon in Pisces ~ Liberation From The Illusion By: Mystic Mamma

New Moon in Pisces ~ Liberation From The Illusion

By: Mystic Mamma
At this *NEW MOON*, the Sun and Moon, the Masculine and Feminine are having meeting in Pisces in order to, like astrologer Molly McCord says, decide “what they are going to create moving forward.”
With Mercury Retrograde also in Pisces we’re intuitively discerning what has been unfolding in the energetic realms.
Mars is supportive by showing us where we need to be assertive and what we need to commit to into order to make our dreams real. 
Like Molly McCord, advices, “we are being asked to trust what we feel” as we come to understand where our Soul is guiding us to go next. 
There’s a realization of what we cannot go back to, and certain things that will need to be released as we close out certain chapters.

Kaypacha speaks of this time as a time of reckoning, where we can take inventory of the patterns, physical and mental, that have kept us bound, stuck, and ultimately unfulfilled.
We are encouraged to contemplate the various ways in which we have held ourselves back by perpetuating certain thoughts or habits.
What is it that we must release in order to move forward?
The Higher wisdom of Pisces calls us to yield to the dream. It requires us to summon the act of surrender, which liberates us from the illusion of control and brings us into the transcendent expansion of Oneness.
With the release comes great expansion. It requires trust, trust in our Life and its unfoldment in the grand tapestry of creation. 
Molly McCord says, Jupiter and Neptune are showing us what we truly desire and “what we are ready to say Yes to for the long term,” as we bring in the parts that we have been energetically sensing into expression.
So we are encouraged to continue to be guided by the Higher Wisdom of our Soul in support of our next steps on our Earthwalk!
With all my heart!

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