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MotherGod and the Council of 12 ~ This is The 12th Hour Channeled By: Anja Zrnko, A Guest Writer for LoveHasWon

MotherGod and the Council of 12 ~ This is 

The 12th Hour

Channeled By: Anja Zrnko, A Guest Writer for LoveHasWon
MotherGod:  Dear child. I am here with the council of 12. We would like to give a message to humanity. Here is our speaker:
Humanity! The time has come for you to RISE. Rise above the enslavement you have been living under, rise above what you think you know and believe to be possible. Rise above what you yourselves believe you to be. You are so much more than that. 
We wish everyone well. We see density coming up within people and many, even among lightworkers, will not know how to handle it. The reason for that is that they do not have full truth and so once they are forced »being on their own« they will be looking for guidance. Remember in these moments, what love is. Love is beauty, it is perseverance, love stands up against injustice and love works in unity. Love is acceptance, but also following divine laws (here we wish to state, love is NOT enabling others in breaking the divine laws), love is helping your brothers and sisters, love is standing up for yourselves and demanding liberty – as ONE PEOPLE across the whole world.

We see events coming up that will spark that. It will be your role, humanity, to see truth and not let yourselves be put under the spell of illusion ever again. This is an opportunity for your sovereignty – claim it, demand it and STAND UP for it.
Things can shift in an instant, dear humanity. You have to understand the power of your co-creation. If you want New Earth, you will have to work on building it/bringing it to life/manifestation yourselves and no one can do it alone. You are meant to work together trough the collective as well as personal transformations. You are all brothers and sisters, join hands once again, humanity, as one.
We are aware the humanity holds different belief systems that vary greatly as what is seen as truth among people. We tell you, humanity, truth is ONLY ONE AND IS THE SAME FOR ALL. Each has their own individual experience of creation, but ultimately, energy cannot lie and eventually all will have to recognize truth in all ways to be able to bring Heaven to Earth. In Heaven all is one. As above so shall be below.
We encourage you, to let go of all you think you know. Make this a daily practice. If you come across someone with different beliefs about life than what you hold, do not put up a wall. Listen and question. And even though you might not agree with all they say, we encourage you to question YOUR OWN beliefs. Are you sure you know full truth regarding something? Are you, fully? Do not let your ego convince you that you do, if you deep down in your heart feel a slightest misalignment. 
We see what is going on on Earth. We tell you, it is much grander than what any of you have been imagining. It is already set in motion. Hold your lights as this is the time you have been waiting for. It shall hit in the moment you least expect it, so be aware and be ready. Hold your hearts, hold the light that you are. It will be difficult at times to deal with certain collective energies. Let them go. Breathe out and remember this is not who you are, because you are LOVE you are LIGHT and you are fully supported by the divine. 
With great anticipation we salute you. And we land our word to our beloved Mother, our beloved Master, who has been so relentless and full of love fighting for her children, and we are excited she will be with us soon. 
Your word, Mother
MotherGod: Dear Children! It is a pleasure to speak to you today. I am sitting outside watching the trees. It is a bit chilly, but so quiet. The wind is blowing quite slowly. But children, this wind is bringing much mystery with it. It is signaling a great storm ahead. A storm of change, it will be for you. My heart is feeling some sorrow, but i lift my head and i know my strength. I know your strength too, children, as you are just like me. I hold it in my highest vision for an easy transition for all humanity. I hold it in my heart, you will make it – the ones that choose to do so. I will welcome all into my loving hands once you are ready to do so.
We are in the in-between-contractions time. I am catching my breath, so to say, before I give it the final push. A baby has to be completely ready to be born before the last contraction comes that pushes it out. I am waiting for that, for it all to be perfectly aligned, as love always is. Some women who gave birth in these 3d experience will understand this well – once the big contraction comes, there is no more time to breathe and there is no way to stop it. You breathe in and you give it all you have. Luckily, this process is normally very short. It shall be so in transition as well. Short (at least in our terms, as some humans might have a certain belief regarding that) but GRAND. It is supposed to shake up all the strings that are still attached to the 3d illusion, so inside as outside of you. The faster you see truth and stand up together in truth, the easier it will be.
I love you dear Children. I am always at your side. Call upon me when you feel lost and I rshall guide you. But loves, it is important that you FOLLOW the guidance. 
There are not many moments left
This is the 12th hour
I love you so,
your MotherGod

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