donderdag 20 februari 2020

Grace Solaris ~ Energy Update

Omgoddess how much bliss can one actually take.... well there is no limit by the grace of god I feel so blessed. 

During a transmission the Arcturians surprisingly came in and started a download and activation, that in fact.... 

I knew they were up to something for some months actually, that there is always a divine timing to everything... so no questions asked I honor the divine plan and divine will for things to evolve with ease and grace as and when we are ready. 

What I received was an upgrade (download) and activation of the Hypothalamus and central nervous system that will amplify our ability immensely to transduce and hold high vibrational photonic light... they said they downloaded a multi dimensional sensory plasma chip it is more like a living crystal transducer really... coated with copper which is to allow our new diamond bodies to cope with the plasma outer galactic light frequencies that are streaming into the planet thru the quasar, which Gaia has now aligned with without having our "fuses" blow and overwhelm our nervous system. 

The hypothalamus is a sort of translater/transducer between the pineal and pituitary glands and an important regulator of our endocryne and nervous system and plays an important role in our ability to translate the intel that are constantly flowing thru the thalamus gateway and spinal chord, in other words, it will greatly enhance and uplevel our spiritual siddhis and multi sensory perception abilities. 

Woooohooooooo do we want that.... yessss it is our divine birthright and we are much more than our 5 or is it 6 senses  !!! 

So here we go to a huge upgrade..... 

going avataaaaar.

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