donderdag 20 februari 2020

blog 20*02*2020: THE MERCURY ILLUSION

We have a saying here: trop is teveel. 
It means: enough is enough.
So here’s the reality of things. There is no such thing as Mercury retrograde. It is an illusion. 
Retrograde means backwards.
Does Mercury go backwards? Nope.
It is an optical illusion having to do with Mercury’s orbit and our view from Earth. Compare it to looking at the wheels of a car on the highway: from your car it looks like the rims are spinning backwards. Are they actually doing that? Nope. 
Same goes for Mercury, it is moving forward.
The whole Mercury retrograde scare is just another form of victim mentality and fear porn: watch out! Mercury retrograde!
Fear is the opposite of love.
Love is the only reality in my world.
Long live Mercury!


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