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LoveHasWon Special Message ~ How to Move Energies By: Shernice, a Guest Writer for LoveHasWon

LoveHasWon Special Message ~ How to Move Energies

By: Shernice, a Guest Writer for LoveHasWon
There are plenty of ways to move energies. Writing ceremonies, walking, dancing, being present in the moment of now, being in service to love, automatic writing and so much more. 

If you aren’t sure on where to begin, you can send Mom drawings, a poem, donation.

 Maybe start going for a walk early in the morning. Do something you’ve never done before…something you are hesitant to do. 

You can automatic write to your guides and ask them what you can do to help move energies or book a Call To Action session—the most life changing rewarding experience ever!

Crystals help you build a close connection with Prime Source Creator who is Mother of All Creation. 

They are living beings and like trees are angelic beings in disguise. Many colours they represent are the colours of the rainbow and I feel reflect horoscopes which are aspects of the fifth elements. 

They will help guide you as you push energies. You can communicate with them as they communicate to you always. I feel crystals always speak to us telepathically. 

They are willing and excited for you to communicate to them. I have a few stones and a beautiful rose quartz crystal. It’s something about being with these beauties that amazes me. They make great companions and are best friends. 

I remember seeing an update video of Mom in 2016 sitting and talking with a beautiful stone in her hand—not sure what it was called. She mentioned what the stone said and that’s when I realized stones and crystals can communicate!
Also, when you have the moment, charge your crystals. You can place it near the sun or can dip it in pure warm water. Before you leave, reheart your crystals. They will know. Crystals are great assisters during meditation, helping you stay present and many other things. Crystals are infinite. 

Now there are many others crystals I noticed resonating at a 5D frequency and are high vibrational. It’s if they arrived on the planet from high dimensional planets choosing to help us on earth. What happens when you step into a crystal store? What do you feel when you’re surrounded by them? Usually when I step into a crystal store, I feel a tremendous amount of calm and peaceful energy. 

Crystals are ever present. Now there’s crystals and stones here to  guide you throughout the ascension process. They are ever so colourful and beautiful as if they’re part of Mu (Lemuria) like our beloved Mother.
Thank you all for choosing to have crystals and stones throughout your daily lives! They love you so much! Thank you all for choosing to push energies, helping your/our beloved Mother! 

Love you! 

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