donderdag 20 februari 2020

Just now i got this message from Lighted beings ~ Ascension Guidance

Just now i got this message from Lighted beings:

"The energy that makes the earth now is not consistent. That is why you feel ups and lows so often. 

It tries to stabilize in a higher vibration, yet it still holds density and it is affected by the frequency of so many beings that are connected to it.

When you go through fear, Earth feels the fear. When you go through agony, so does Earth. 

When the earth receives so much dense energy, it stores it and then it tries to release it through many phenomena or what you call "natural disasters".

Earth is going through a transition right now. So do not fear the events that will follow. It is the natural progression of the earth to release.

Send love to the Earth, it will feel it. It will benefit it."

The channelings I got a few days ago talked about something coming up soon such as earthquakes, or extreme weather conditions. 

It is a temporary transition.

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