vrijdag 14 februari 2020

Judith Kusel ~ Energy Update

In as much as we ascend into the 5D, in as much do we need to release the 3D, and all the lifetimes spent before.

Remember the releasing of old soul memory banks, is like peeling an onion, layer by layer. Every time you think you have cleared away all the layers, the next layers will appear, and the next.

I have done this work now for more than ten years, and still things come up to be cleared.
It is an ongoing process, for in daily life, you will still encounter all the challenges, and the support, the shadow and light. You now just learn to rise above it, and to know that balance point lies in the middle - at center point. For shadow and light always balance each other out! Life is never just one-sided.

More than this, the Fires of Purification are sweeping humanity now, and we literally will be put through those fires.

All which no longer serves our highest soul growth and good, will need to be released.
I was made aware of this just this week, when I went to have some therapy and what came up was pent-up anger. With that massive release of all ancestral pent-up anger, and bitterness, plus what had happened to me in a past life. I never thought of asking for the release, for I thought I had no issues in this lifetime, and had dealt with it. 

When the memory bank though came to the fore, I suddenly realized, why it had to be released now! I found this so very interesting, for when I finally could release this memory bank, I could see the greater picture, and I was so grateful!

Yes, it is painful when these old memory banks open.
Yes, it takes forgiveness and Loving Grace.
Yet, it is infinitely freeing, not to be weighed down by ancestral karma and by old negative karmic patterns, which sometimes have come over many lifetimes on earth.

I can just encourage you, to go and do the inner work and deal with these memory banks, as they get triggered.

Sometimes we just do not know why we react to some souls the way we do: until the soul memory banks open up, and we can finally understand. Yet, know forgiveness of self and others is essential otherwise deep healing cannot occur.

We are given the immense opportunity now, for the first time in thousands of years, to release the old karma, the old negative patterns and programming. I see this as the shackles and bond which kept us prisoner for so long in the 3D, now finally coming off, so that our souls can be freed!

What a blessing!
What an opportunity!

Freed we rise into the higher dimensional state and freed we are being reborn!

Judith Kusel

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