maandag 17 februari 2020

Blog 17*02*2020: SOUND THE TRUMPETS!!!

Upon waking this morning I got a clear message: get ready for 20/2 and 22/2.
That is Thursday February 20 and Saturday February 22.
Or 20.02.2020 and 22.02.2020.
2222 and 22222

Don't say it's 8 and 10 (or 1), it's not. 
If you look at a a clock and it reads 0:08 would you go: wow!
No you wouldn't.
If it reads 22:22 then you would go: wow!
See the difference: 8 is not 2222 or vice versa.
Double, triple, quadruple,... numbers are master numbers.

So what can we expect on Thursday and Saturday? 
Drum roll... No idea. 
Wait and see.
We've had 2 gamma ray bursts this weekend: Saturday and Sunday (check graphs below). 
So if you had a weird weekend, you know why.

There was also another Coronal Mass Ejection on the Sun or short a CME.
The second one in a few days as well.
I feel those the moment they happen. 
Most people feel them a few days later.
My antenna somehow picks it up immediately.
The good news is: this one is ok. 
No need to book a spa for 3 days. 
Feel free to do so anyway.
Treat yourself to a late Valentine's.

We are here to have fun, relax, enjoy and live as Royalty.
I hereby declare that timeline as officially open.
Please join me.
Sound the trumpets!

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