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Anticipate Huge Energetic Movement in February~Bringing Humanity Home, Energy and Event Update By Mother of All Creation

Anticipate Huge Energetic Movement in February~Bringing Humanity Home, Energy and Event Update

By Mother of All Creation
Greetings Love Beings, we have just gone through an incredible Full Moon in Leo, which rules the Heart. As a result, many Heart Activations have taken place intensely over the past 72 hours. 

This has definitely lit up the Higher Grid and is quickly moving us forward into an Energetic exciting FEbruary in the Oneness energies. 
Lots of cleansing is also underway Collectively, as the old paradigm CONTINUES to die and this includes all ego. 

The HUMAN ANGELS are TRULY AWAKE. Prepared and ready at the front lines! 
The Light’s Victory is arriving FULLY.

Quoted from Gaia Portal update, ” Rectification of All FLAT LINE Light Beings is currently ongoing. Such beings will know a Heightened SENSE OF PURPOSE, others will know a Heightened DESIRE FOR CHANGE in LOCAL CIRCUMSTANCES. 
CONTINUOS Release!!! Of Paradigms as recent as the Prior Moment is REQUIRED. 
RAPID Upgrades!!! will occur for those who Recognize their HIGHER SELF as an EVOLVING LIGHT BEING! 

EVOLVING, is the KEY Word at this Point. 
Many of Humanity are REFUSING assistance to HIGHER LEVELS. 
Such beings will remain in the standard 3D environment throughout this next Cosmic Cycle. 
Assistance will be granted at the appropriate TIME with the appropriate METHOD. 
Follow your INNER GUIDANCE πŸ’–
(JANUARY has been ALL ABOUT integrating and processing intense amounts of of LIGHT ENERGY.) IN FEbruary, we see these Energies REALLY coming Alive! in Daily Lives on this Planet, who are connected with the HIGHER GRID.
As this occurs, those who are trying to continue with the OLD paradigm are going to be discovering more and more that IT WILL NOT WORK! 
The only way now, since the BIRTH of the NEW PARADIGM is the WAY of UNITY, CONNECTION, COMPASSION, JOY and TRUTH. 
Quoted from Veronica and Montague Keen:
“You are seeing the Light and with the Light comes LOVE and this LOVE reconnects you with God, All that Is. ❤️
You are returning to the UNIVERSAL FOLD, link with this LOVEπŸ’œ ENERGY as where there is LOVE there cannot be fear or ILLNESS. 
Learn, ONCE MOREπŸ’–, to look ✨WITH✨  πŸ’™LOVEπŸ’™ on EVERYTHING even those you were encouraged to fear. 
Your LOVE❤️ will dissipate their power over you. LOVE Yourself! 
πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰THIS IS SO IMPORTANT!☀️🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠
For if you cannot love yourself, you cannot love anyone or anything else. 
The lack of LOVEπŸ’œ is responsible for all that is wrong on your planet.  LOVE is ENERGY. BEAUTIFUL ENERGY. 
The MIND is controlled. It is a MATRIX. 
IN LOVINGπŸ’› those you fear, you NEUTRALIZE THEM! 
As the LIGHT OF TRUTH✨ appears, it exposes all that kept you in DARKNESS. Though they use their power to keep you IGNORANT, they are fighting a losing battle.
EACH TIME!!! A SOUL πŸŒΊ embraces the TRUTH, there is rejoicing here in the world of Spirit. 
We are WITH YOUπŸ¦‹ every step of the way. 
We ask that you step forward and SPREAD THE WORDπŸƒ. SHARE YOUR KNOWLEDGE WITH ALL YOU MEET. 
As to open up another mind to  Truth☀️ is VERY REWARDING!!! 
You do not need weapons to conquer the world. 
You need LOVEπŸ’œ and you need  TRUTH❤️
✨✨YOU ARE LIVING✨✨ through the πŸŒΈGREATEST CHANGE🌟 Your Planet has ever KNOWN!!!
 You have CHOSEN! TO BE the ONES to REMOVE the DARKπŸ€―πŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ€–πŸ‘½πŸ‘»πŸ§ŸπŸ§›πŸ‘ΉπŸ‘Ί and RETURN it to the LIGHT!!!  
For it is the MOST EXCITING ONE of your LIVES. 
I ask all those who LINK with SPIRIT (5:55) to offer PROTECTION to those in the front line of this TRANSITION. EVERYONE NEEDS to take part. 
By sending LOVE and LIGHT, You too are playing a role, the BIGGEST ROLE of YOUR LIFE!!! 
So much depends on it. 
The corruption that was hidden so successfully for generations is NOW out in the open.
EXPOSED in all its depravity! 
(*Moral corruption; wickedness) 
They can No Longer!!! Control the flow of EXPOSURE. 
There is No Place for corruption in a World where LOVE AND PEACE RULE!
No Country will be attacked. No People will EVER live in fear of war again. (6:44) 44=AA  (Arch Angel)
You, ALL of You! Are making this happen by embracing the LIGHT. 
The evidence can no longer be kept hidden, it WILL BE EXPOSED for ALL TO SEE. TRUTH CANNOT BE DENIED TO YOU FOREVER. 
And Bring this Change About!
YOU have the POWER to do this.” 
End of Quote. 
Quoted from Sara Gazala:
” The Powers with the Collective at Present, many more are waking to their Power and to Themselves! 
Which will take me to 12-21-2012 and how many of us shared their disappointment that nothing happened. (7:27)
MUCH HAS Happened though. 
One only needs to SHIFT their PERCEPTION!!!!!
Otherwise, we are in a transitional phase at present. 
It will take a few more years for the Real Results to be seen to be seen by ALL. 
This is only the Start. (7:44)
And the potential for ALL to ASCEND is very Great now. 
The POWER Again is in the COLLECTIVE!!! 
THE MOREπŸ’– who Awaken the BETTER. 
You can FEEL it. 
The Desire to Help an Assist those around you. 
You KNOW They are You and You are Them. 
It’s not something we say anymore, but something that we feel. 
Also, for those who SHIFTED their PERCEPTION to the NEW*** ENERGIES, you FEEL that the UNIVERSE IS Within. (8:16)
So why wouldn’t you be CONNECTED to Everything exterior (outside) of SELF. It’s all the same. 
The Age of Enlightenment, REQUIRES We Assist Humanity out of Fear and into WAKING INTO WHO THEY ARE.”
End of Quote. 
We will not make predictions, but what we can share with you is that we can see and feel in The Field already is HUGE ENERGETIC MOVEMENT in many ways in FEbruary and continuing into March due to these New Earth Energies. (8:52)  52=❤️
TRULY, a Multi-Dimensional Level Energy Event (8:57) HAS OCCURED since December 21st on this Planet. 
The BIRTH of a *WHOLE NEW Way of Living. The following two years will be LOVE’S Years, for LOVE to truly be felt and experienced by EVERYONE!!! on this Planet! 
Quoted from Aluna Joy, 
” Finally. The intense uncertainty at anticipation that was building for the prophetic dates 12/21/2012 has passed and we have entered into a new beginning that is a merging of our Physical Body WITH✨ Our SPIRIT! 
The world did not end in horrific cataclysms nor was there an ecstatic rapture into Paradise. 
A fleet of UFO’S didn’t come to save us either. If you were hoping that the World would shift in an instant without getting up out of your easy chair, I am sure you are disappointed right now. Yet I know the sensitive ones of this world are now breathing a deep sigh of relief. 
As the energy bubble overflowing with crushing ambiguity and expectation burst and a more balanced peaceful and Harmonious energy (1/30) 3:44pm has emerged to the Earth plane, now what? 
Well, it’s time to get really really friendly with the unknown that is out in front of us right now. The world is going to change and so are we. 
There are going to be some surprising changes in the directions in our physical and Spiritual lives. Being perplexed by All the myriad (*countless or extremely great number) Choices will be our constant work mate. 
We are struggling to clear about what is next for our lives and our visual guidance is now coming from multiple directions at once. 
It is time to quit expecting to be saved or rescued. We have now graduated into Multi-Dimensional Grown Ups.
It is Time, to reclaim our God given🌟 Divine Potential (11:16πŸ™‚) !!! 
Physically and Spiritually. 
It is Time to face Life FULL ON, regarding the work ahead of us. 
To be Responsible Human Beings and embrace the uncertainty and change in enviable (*highly desirable) matrix of possibility ahead. And use it as a vehicle for our Growth and Awakening. 
🚨🚨🚨 ADVERSITY! (*difficulties; and misfortune) and CHALLENGE WILL COME to Us when We FIGHT the changes in direction and hold on to our rigid Belief Systems. 
We have entered a New Beginning that has blasted us in a higher FREQUENCY! 
It was an explosion of Spirit and Evolution! And any NEGATIVE ego DRIVEN program MUST and WILL go EXTICT. 
The past is quickly becoming a Dinosaur! 
With Patience, we will learn to understand and integrate the new Higher Frequencies that we are now learning to Navigate. (*Maneuver) (12:22) 
We may flip flop between the many choices out in front of us, until we can HOLD and MAINTAIN a Multi-Dimensional Perspective. (12:33) 
We have the task of UNPACKING All that has transpired during the powerful time of 2012.
We have just come from a Fever Pitched and frantic (*wild or distraught with fear, anxiety, or other emotion.) 6:55 pm
ending of a HUGE Cycle. 
Be patient with yourself now, 
(12:52❤️) as new cycles always begin slowly and deliberately. (*Consciously and intentionally; on purpose. In a careful and unhurried way.) 
Change is definitely among us. 
And those who are in the 5D Energies, we are now continually shifting on a DAILY basis and adding tremendous amounts of LIGHT to the HIGHER GRID. 
MANY are NOW able to keep pace with these Energies and are just flowing through in lots of overflowing Joy, NEW EXPANDED AWARENESS, increased connections of LOVE ❤️ and are excited about what is unfolding currently🌟🌟🌟. We will see many MANIFESTATIONS of DREAMS OF LOVE coming true (13:33) for many, to bring more JOY and UNITY energy into the planet in the weeks ahead.” 
The CRYSTAL TEAM, through Lindsey Ball:
” The EXCITEMENT that is occurring among awakened souls is growing and your energies are raising in line with energies on a UNIVERSAL Scale. For Dear Ones, you are not alone and as you begin on a Conscious Level to accept this fact as a Fact, and not a Supposition or a possibility, so you are opening YOUR Lines of Communication to BE in ALIGNMENT with ALL Other Lines of Communication being made available to YOU AT THIS TIME. 
Can you begin to see and sense the enormous level of COMMUNICATION and the NETWORK of LOVE❤️ that extends Inside and Outside your beautiful Planet🌍 and how this glorious web unfolds and links you ALL TOGETHER ❤️.
AND as those whose Energies are RAISING, Those Souls who are Waking Up, Those Souls who are on their Journey, (14:44) As their LOVE and LIGHT shines BRIGHTER and more POWERFULLY so this adds ENERGY, LOVE, and BRIGHTNESS to the Energy of the Communications Network. That inspires, encourages, and assists all of Humanity, ALL LIFE FORMS to GROW IN SPIRIT, in AWARENESS and Ultimately in LOVE❤️
And so your Light will BEAM OUT STRONGLY and LOVINGLY for ALL TO SEE, SENSE, and ACKNOWLEDGE on All levels. You are Being FULLY SWITCHED ON and LINKED to Your True Soul ESSENCE, to your True Soul Self, to your TRUE PATH & PURPOSE in this EXISTENCE that you have CHOSEN to Have at this SPECIAL TIME.
LIGHT✨ and LOVE❤️ is being made available on so many levels and One of these is Orbs! Which are beings of Light transformed into a state that can manifest within your plane of Existence, which can bring in Intense amounts of Guidance, of Love, of Inspiration, Assistance (15:55) !!!
and work with you on an Energetic level in many ways to assist yourself and other people within your Orbit. 
Your IMAGES OF ORBS can be meditated upon, so that you can observe the Beauty and Energy of them, even though their LIGHT BEING PRESENCE has returned to it’s normal state. 
Changes are occurring. These gifts are sent to you and are permitted to be seen via your camera equipment for the BENEFIT OF ALL YOU at this time. Enjoy their Beauty and be Grateful for their presence here at this Time. 
And so all these evidences and events occur, as more and more awaken to the potentialities (16:44) 
and possibilities of what Life can be like and that this can actually happen. (16:51)
CHANGES can occur in a POSITIVE Way and indeed are occurring. Then as we approach these wonderful events the SKIES WILL LIGHT UP IN JOY! AND CELEBRATIONS!!! LIGHT✨ and LOVE❤️ WILL BE EXPERIENCED on a MASSIVE SCALE and we await these events (17:11) with GREAT EXCITEMENT, LOVE, AND POSITIVITY. 
So Dear Ones, we look forward to seeing the Outcome of these events with our GREATEST LOVE.” 
WE really have only just begun in these Energies and we can anticipate 3 TIMES this amount in the coming weeks ahead. Which will facilitate us in the Co-Creation of the New Earth🌎🌟(!!!) 
We are set in place as everyone is on the POSITIVE TIMELINE, where all events will serve for the HIGHEST GOOD and the GREATEST OUTCOME for the COLLECTIVE on this Planet and this is by DIVINE DECREE. 
DECREED BY HEAVEN. ALL are on ONE POSITIVE TIMELINE as we move forward in these NEW EARTH ENERGIES. πŸ’«πŸ’«πŸ’«
The Human Angels are awake, prepared and ready for the next FACET of the DIVINE PLAN. 
This is the DIVINE PLAN MANIFESTING NOW on Planet Earth πŸŒ=HEART❤️ 
THANK YOU for spreading these messages to others and keeping your Hearts Open and staying TUNED IN. 
End Transmission and ALL LOVE IS UNCONDITIONAL. We are so in Love with Humanity. (18:33)
Love the Galactic Free Press Staff, Humanities Earth Allies, the Company of Heaven and the First Contact Ground Crew Team. 
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