donderdag 13 februari 2020

Amanda Lorence 13 februari 2020 WAYSHOWERS:

Amanda Lorence
13 februari 2020

Some are NOW between worlds. They have let go of being human first. It’s their time to. Only a few at this stage but more will be. It’s hard only for the human. 

For them, there is no turning backwards, as to look back, there is only complete and utter illusion of 3D and 4D. Their only option, to allow their own process to unfold, let go of the human, be energy FIRST NOW and just trust the only thing that’s real...the presence of God.

How long this phase lasts I’ve no idea.

Hang in there. You are ultimately so so strong. You are not alone. Others are going through it too. You are energy, be that first NOW, to be at peace within the Oneness, that will become you in human body at right timeline.

I was shown this NOW stage in January 2020. In order to be prepared for what was to come. Thank God I was shown. 

If in it, you are NOT going mad. It’s an ascension stage. 

The only thing to do is surrender,


Otherwise the human part of you will suffer greatly more than it actually has to.

So much love,

One Love
Amanda Lorence
13 February 2020

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