zaterdag 19 oktober 2019

We Are Activating Your DNA Memory ~ L'Aura Pleiadian

We Are Activating Your DNA Memory

Do you feel these profound shifts? Time has shifted on so many levels of being.
It is revealing itself more and more through the consciousness of those on Earth.
Do you notice the changes in yourself?
We are activating the inherent memory encoded in your DNA for this specific SHIFT you are now entering into.
It is the portal of all portals. The portal TO ALL memory encodings.

You have been put through the fire of purity and now are awakening to the TRUTH of all that you are.
Now that you have observed, there is now nothing to observe as you are consciously the observer itself.
The one watching the dream. So you just are. You have always been doing this, being.
Now you are consciously remembering more and more of that which was instilled into your very blueprint for this program of Light schooling.
You are that energy that is encoded.
You are desiring to awaken to more of yourself.
To know the glory of you.
And you are.
Awakening, remembering, activating the codes now, for full entry into the portal of all portals. Where all is revealed. And stamped with the glory of All That is.  This is what you desire.
It is unfolding before you now, more and more.
You will see, in this we activate YOU.
We are The Divine Council of Overseers, awakening more of you to you, in Love.

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