woensdag 23 oktober 2019

Super big wave of light ~ Randel Renaud, Razzy Schoolfield

Super big wave of light has been coming in since last night and we are now going higher. The more we connect with our own divine essence the more we become it. 
Upgrades if we allow will integrate more of our true self and if we surrender it will clear out the unconscious ego which identifies itself as being separate. 
This is the purpose of all human beings is to awaken to who we truly are and hear our own intuition from inside each of us which is omnipresent and only love. The light inside us all. We are one divine essence of light.
Absolutely truly,
Razzy and Randy

Upgrade symptoms:

Head and cranial pressure
Blurry eye sight
Hard to speak words
Lower back has been tight all day
We were awakened during the night and a bit sleepless which was frustrating.
Today we were super sleepy.
Intense ear ringing from the pineal being upgraded.

The body has just shut down a little for this upgrade so chicken soup with lots of healing herbs for dinner with calming herb tea and then we will let a sweet movie watch us.

New awarenesses have been flowing in for 2 days.
Easy to see my unconscious programs and learn new esoteric truths.

Peacefulness and an overall sense of well being tonight.
Everyone receives what is for their highest good.

We share our experience to hopefully assist, we are one.

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