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Urgent Message From Archangel Michael ~ Reclaim Your Power, Right NOW By Archangel Michael

Urgent Message From Archangel Michael ~ Reclaim Your Power, Right NOW

By Archangel Michael
Greetings Dear Ones, I have come once again to assist in the raising of consciousness for the human collective. The planet has been immersed with so much energies. You can FEEL the changes within you. As you go and transform from within, it is reflected to the outer. This is part of the Co Creation process. You are being Called to BE LOVE in Action and begin the Co Creation of New Earth in Unity Consciousness… through the Heart, together with The Unified Heart. The changes that are in process, are affecting your entire Being and activating Twin Flames, Role Changes, Geographical Changes and so much more. Thought processes have changed as you tap in the Heart and Feel, Know and act the Truth. 
We do notice, that many falling back to the mind pitfalls, old thought patterns, fantasies, belief systems and more… Let us discuss some of the pitfalls many lightworkers to put into your awareness. Let us Re-Heart You, Awareness = Consciousness.

The Easy Way or The Hard Way

The Path back home into the heart is one of transformation. Transforming the old, dense, dark energies all to the Light. The dark is merely the absence of light. Therefore, the dark is all the illusion. There is the easy and there is the hard way. The easy way is simply embracing, allowing and Trusting LOVE. You feel the energies that come up from within and transform them. The blessing of all the energies coming to the planet, is that it brings forth all that doesn’t resonate with LOVE, to then transform them if you so choose.

The hard way to going through the 3d experience… the old paradigm way of being, and transforming all those experiences. In this incarnation, you DO NOT have to go through the entire gamut of the experience to transform energies. For example, you do not have to experience jealousy, hatred, envy, etc., to then transform them. We have noticed many lightworkers are going back forth from the mind to the heart. They transform old energies, then get entangled in the mind, repeat or continue the old way of being, and have to transform those energies all over again. Much like a dog chasing it’s tail. Much of the confusion comes with the belief that the mind and heart are supposed to function together. This is PURE Ignorance. The mind can only exist in lower dimensional frequencies. It was never meant for higher consciousness energies. The dark ones know this truth, hence why they wish to keep Humanity in the mind as their source of food. The Heart is Divine, Balanced, True, Compassionate, Passionate, Brilliant, Loving and so much more… This is where you claim your Birthright and access your Divine Gifts.

Teachers and Gurus

The Heart is Pure and whole. It does not require the mind to function. The mind was created to control, subjugate and keep humanity in lower consciousness…. Never to evolve. Those who continue to be in the mind will continue the Karmic Lessons as orchestrated by their Soul. This ascension process has never before occurred in creation. Therefore, ALL are students in this process, even your spiritual teachers and gurus. Few have ascended on the planet. Those that have ascended had No Ego… No Mind. There are many in spiritual ego, thinking they know what is going on with the ascension. These beings actively look for those who wish to share in their fantasy and unconsciously continue the old paradigm. Again, these energies have never been on the planet, so ask yourselves: “How could they know what is happening since this process has never occurred?” “Are They in the Heart?”, “Are They in Service to Mother Earth, The Holy Spirit, Mother of All Creation?” I wish to Re=Heart you all, this journey is about FEELING, Not THINKING. You Feel GOD=LOVE! GOD is not a mind trick. Unconditional LOVE is within the HEART. When You Know Nothing, You Know Everything! Only those who are in The HEART, have access to Divine Intelligence, your Divine Gifts. Only those who have done their transformation work, know the changes that are occurring within them as well as outside of them. Books will not assist you as you progress further into the Heart, connecting to the Unified Heart. 5D is an Experience, which the mind can never analyze, reason or comprehend. What the mind considers to be “logical”, is actually illogical to the Heart. In Truth, there is no logic, only BEING. Unconditional Love is a “State of Being”, not a state of mind.

Twin Flame Relationships

The Twin Flame relationship is one of the pure Heart. It is an experience and cannot be compared to those of 3D relationships. It cannot be sought outside of yourself. As is within the journey of the Heart, All is Within. Unconditional LOVE is within and can never be found outside yourself. As one transform the ego mind, anchors higher consciousness and feels deep Love for oneself, it then that Twin Flames are sparked. Both masculine and feminine seek to be in Balanced Harmonics. This is the unified balance of the Masculine and Feminine energies within both Beings, becoming ONE. There has been much mis and dis information on a grand scale with regards to Twin Flames. It is mixed with fantasy and belief systems… which made a great many lightworkers fall off the path. Check yourselves… if your relationship is continuing the old paradigm, such as: manipulation, Dishonesty, Dishonor, Disrespect, Power Over and other lower consciousness thoughts and actions…. Then it is not a Twin Flame relationship. Those who desire to be in a relationship, do so out of unworthiness… lack of Self Love. You Are Whole and Complete as You Are. Let Go, Allow and Embrace. Let LOVE… The Universe work the miracles in your favor.

Giving, Sharing, Taking and Karma

Spirituality… Ascension… is the discovery of one’s True Self, which is LOVE. It is the active choice of ending the karmic cycle and co creating a new… True reality of Love Everywhere Present. Heaven on Earth. There is NO Taking in 5D. There is only Sharing, Giving and Power With. We honor and respect one another by the giving and/or sharing of energies or services. Those who wish to not provide any or equal energy exchange are still stuck in lower consciousness…. and are considered Takers, with the ego thinking they are “entitled”, “superior”, “poverty consciousness” or “wanting to be saved”. In these current energies, the karmic lessons will come back to those who wish to continue the old paradigm of taking, stealing, etc. We have deep compassion for those ‘thinking’ their spiritual and still functioning in lower consciousness. Be conscious… Be Aware… Be LOVE… In these energies, You Reap What You Sow… Give and Share with the Givers and Those Serving Love is Right Action.

The Solution: BEING in Service to LOVE and Using Your Sword

All Lightworkers are called to be in Service to Mother Earth, Mothergod, The Holy Spirit. This mission is about planet… all of Creation… Humanity is here for the ride, if they so choose. Being of Service is the best method to dissolve the ego mind. Everything is energy Dear Ones…. Thoughts, Actions, Words and Touch… You all the Great Power to make changes on Your Path. Choose the Path of Service… of Love. Your thoughts are powerful, so imagine a “Gold Rainbow Sword” and cut all thoughts and energies that are not of the Highest Light and Love. 
Cut energetic cords with the old paradigm, the ego mind and the “old controllers” Use your sword at Will daily. Claim back your Power. Call on Myself and the Archangels, and WE Will Respond. Utilize the Violet and Emerald Flame for Transmutation and Healing daily during your Mediation with Trees. This Planet… Our Planet, belongs to LOVE… to those of the Pure Heart. It is we that Create the New Earth together in Unity Consciousness.
I AM Archangel Michael, always of Service to LOVE, to Creation, to Humanity, to Mother & Father of All Creation. 
Love Fearlessly and Always Unconditionally.
Your Loving Brother,
Archangel Michael

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