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The New Crystalline Grid By: Suzanne Maresca

The New Crystalline Grid

By: Suzanne Maresca
Today I would like to speak on the New Crystalline Grid to assist you in understanding, and even more importantly, how to use this magnificent new system. For it is yours! This new way of moving through and within the hologame is nothing short of extraordinary. But before delving into the “how’s”, I would like to cover the “what’s.” As in, what is it and where did it come from?
The crystalline grid is YOU.
It is yours. And you made it, or rather built it.
You may not remember, but I am sure you’ll recall those mornings you awoke exhausted and foggy-minded. What do you think you were doing? My earthbound self often had to play catch-up with her need for rest in daytime naps.

Let us start with the simple building block; energy. Energy is a neural and pliable substance. It holds its shape in every dimension. However, it is most pliable in the higher vibrational gradients, so obviously we (yes that includes you) do a great deal of our work in the higher, more pliable planes.
An architect creates a streamer or a series of streamers, building one unto another, like scaffolding or framework. To this we attach our thoughts. One should allow for a loose-weave inside the dream one is building, for that space gives room for the consciousness of the Divine. Mother, Father, they wish to play as well, and this fills the creation with a love that is beyond comprehension.
This is how we built the New Earth Crystalline Grid.
It starts of course with Mother/Father/One. When Source thought comes filtering through, we begin to All get the idea. That is why an idea belongs to everyone. It belongs to the whole Multi-verse, in fact. Then we explore it, play with it, roll it around and look and it with love, because we know it is a gift from our Mother/Father/One.
Eventually, we hit a critical-mass point, and now we Know the idea! So, we as unity consciousness decide to begin development. We start with design, then blueprints and so forth, the same as any earthy project would.
We play. It is never work…not in the higher planes. But it IS play that matters. In fact this game matters very, very, very much. Do you remember the gusto and focus you had as a child when you decided to build a fort? Think of it. What if every idea you had for your fort could materialize? You need a hammer? A hammer appears.
Even though this is an oversimplification, you see, this New Crystalline Grid is our dream. The first thoughts came through Mother/Father/One, but it was we the dreamweavers who drew up the blueprints, working together, throwing out what did not work and then going back and drawing up new thoughts, new ideas, new dreams, and new plans.
The funny thing about the creations of dreamweaving is that the dream itself wants to exist! The dream becomes a consciousness of a sort, building along with us. This allows for the most delightful surprises to pop up into the weave. These surprises are the Divine reaching through and playing with us.
And you, as the architect, can say yes…or no. If it is no, it disappears, and if it is yes….
Imagine this kind of dynamic on a grand scale. All of us playing. All of us building. Then others come along and see the fun and they want to join in, and so they do ~ and so we did tip the scales to this New Light Crystalline Grid Unity Collective Framework.
This is how we built the Ascension, and this how we built the beautiful New Crystalline Grid, a dream of our making.
Do you remember?

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