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Dismantle of old – Grand Move of Collective into new paradigm: 2020 – Heart Awareness By Kwana Mikaela

Dismantle of oldCollective into new paradigm: 2020 – Heart Awareness

By Kwana Mikaela
In this NOW old collapses with a real noise, which then creates a powerful ripple effect on the Collective field for us to move forward. Specific codings of incoming streams from Great Central Sun and plasma structures(`capsules`) that brings more advanced upgrades for planetary grid, greatly supports dismantling of outdated data in all levels, – planetary and `individual`.
Gaia and Humanity continue movement up on vibrationally stairs.
That’s why most important for this movement is.. YOU – WE AS COLLECTIVE.
In greater scale/in individual level all point is about state of the Heart and Mind.
There is no separate Divine forces or extraterrestrial beings from highly advanced civilisations, who are trying made everything ready for world of Beauty and Harmony, for us to come as in prepared place to stay and enjoy.

We – The Collective – Divine Creators and Builders, are working in multi-dimensional levels, with vast open support from Source Solar Mind.
Inner awakening to true potential of who we are is the only one request for Ascension to happen.
And, the only one Responsibility we ever had is to BE who we really are.
2020 energetic frequency or new paradigm becomes more and more tangible; we are experiencing shifting transitions within, and our new versions of us strengthen inner connection with the Heart Awareness and Highest Heart activations.
We can notice also, how is changing our own micro-reality, and how souls are shifting – comes and goes – into our lives; how situations changes; how much different we find ourselves Within from weeks or months earlier this year. And, what comes into our understanding about ourselves and occurences, while we release rooted beliefs we once thought to be real. Dropping away familiar is not comfortable because then we realise that New don’t have ‘end point’, and it is constant direction into Unknown. Our Human brain and Mind constructs have limitations to freely perceive without questioning, and, this is from where, we can shift ourselves into Heart Awareness as a part of much higher perceptual mechanics.
And, this is from where we can again return to highest Sensory mechanics – Soul(ar) Perception through “I sense – I feel – I am conscious aware – I understand”.
Everything is linked with HOW deeply we are able to SENSE and FEEL; how much of Human Aspect (mental/emotional patterns) we are willing to let go; how much we are Ready to Be MORE than HUMAN.
Y/our Heart is The Answer, and beginning of Cosmic metamorphosis from fragile Human Being into infinite beautiful Loving Solar Fractal.
May Love expands in y/our Heart 💛
Kwana Mikaela

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