zaterdag 29 juni 2019

Many changes are occurring within us on a physical level. ~ Channeled through Joan Walker

 Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: lucht, nacht, boom en buiten

Many changes are occurring within us on a physical level.

There will BE a distinct difference and WE will BE shown this. This is between a Feeling / Emotion and a Knowing that stems from information that comes through the Living Lightbody.

There are components within the physical body that must BE made to accommodate a fuller integration of the Lightbody into form. It is a change from the Carbon base form into another form that WE perceive as Crystalline in nature.

This is occurring as our Consciousness Shifts and WE BEgin to release attachment to the physical world. When We combine that with the Spoken Word, this affects form. Verbalization is actually a Sound Wave that creates a different reality, unlike our Carbon based body that we have BEcome accustomed to.

This is changing.
It will NOT happen overnight but We are seeing changes NOW. It all BEgan as WE agreed to activate those components of the Living Lightbody attached to Higher Dimensional Realms and to Universal Mind. This then changes our Conscious Awareness and the Dimensional Realities that WE can Access. It will also change the Physicality.

WE have choice in how to experience the Beauty. WE can experience it from a physical sense such as a Smile or an Awareness of the Beauty.

There is also a Knowing that is much larger than that and much more Encompassing that is connected to us as a BEing of LIGHT.

WE can call it our SOUL Essence, our GOD Essence. It is much more Heart Centered. This is NOT relegated to the physical heart but it is a much more expansive Heart sense where WE have Knowledge and Awareness of ourSelves and our relation to the All That Is.

Our relationship to ONENESS. I is a Knowing as well as a Feeling.

Channeled through Joan Walker 💜

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