woensdag 26 juni 2019

Here's what is currently undergoing with the incoming energy streams ~ Ascention Guidance

 Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: een of meer mensen, staande mensen, lucht, wolk, korte broek, natuur en buiten

Here's what is currently undergoing with the incoming energy streams:

- The eyes try to see beyond the veil of illusion. Suddenly you will begin to "see clearly", to understand why something occurs a certain way. This clearing allows you to understand the intentions of others better than before, and you become in alignment with the intentions of your higher self. this means that you unconsciously make decisions that help progress you.

SYMPTOMS: blurred vision, inability to focus, headaches. - The base chakra is undergoing a great transformation. Many blockages held there that kept you from perceiving earthy elements, you felt "out of place", disconnected. As this clearing occurs you get a sense of fitting in, of being at the right place, the right time, of being connected and one with all that you are, with all that is around. The great disconnect of the ego slowly lifts. SYMPTOMS: back pain, imbalance.

- As vision clears, the hearing becomes sharper. The voices that come beyond the veil are not to be fearful, they are guidance from your angels and higher self. You are in greater connection with your own divine self, as well as light beings, more than ever before. That is because you raise in frequencies, and you are a greater match to perceive their assistance.

SYMPTOMS: hearing your name when no one is there, ear pain or buzzing, heightened intuition.
- You are asked to stand in your truth because YOU ARE ALREADY. "Face your fears" the angels shout at you "so that you can ascend so that you can meet us in greater light". A vision of the angels spreading their hand to invite you higher. This means that old perceptions, fears, trauma, pain, and buried emotions surface now more than ever before. Face them! Once you do, you will ascend a bit more each time.

SYMPTOMS: Random aches & pains, symptoms of old illnesses might join you and the doctors will find nothing wrong, buried emotions suffice that you refused to allow. It is time to face all of them.
- I mentioned hearing and vision, but all your senses increase as you become stronger. Think of a video game character, as they evolve they gain greater strength: you are a LIGHT WARRIOR!

- Tingling, itching, pins and needles and/or feeling of a breeze on certain spots on the body are all signs of light clearing DNA and reprogramming your cells.

OTHER SYMPTOMS: shortness of breath, throat irritation, migraines.

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