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Energy report Juli 2019 ~ Amelia Bert

 Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: een of meer mensen

July is in the middle of the year, and it is perhaps the most important month energetically speaking. It is filled with a lot of ascension changes, and it carries the vibrations of the whole year (first half and second half). During this month you will progress massively on your journey to ascension as it is a no-nonsense month; it pushes you to expand. So let’s dive into more details. Angels, Angels of the light, what does this July comprise?

“The earth will have a great impact from several other planets. You might not see the energy emissions with your physical eyes, but you can easily envision earth being wrapped in pink and blue colors. This means that the earth’s sphere will feel higher in frequency as it will include extra energy from the planets that align with it. Each of the planets broadcast support for the earth’s beings to find their empowerment and truth. The more of the energy you allow in, the more it helps to reconnect you with your true divine side.

Everyone has a Divine aspect you see. You don’t come from only one lifetime and from only one source, but you are all of them merged in one. This means that you hold great power within you, but you are disconnected from it. During this powerful time, more and more people awaken to their truth, to this hidden wisdom that helps to guide them to make changes and become aligned through their thoughts, actions, and words. You are becoming more aligned with your truth, with your inner wisdom and gifts. The side of you that is divine now becomes more evident to you. You begin to make sense of things that you couldn’t understand before.

Whatever choices you have made in the past, they helped to illuminate your path now. It is never too late to change direction, listen to your inner guidance that awakens a bit more each day, and guides you through thoughts and intuition. This inner knowing becomes super powerful this month, so we advise you to tune into the quiet of your mind and ask:
what is my next step? What changes can I make to a more meaningful life? What does no longer work for the person I’m becoming?

Listen to the wisdom of your thoughts, of your intuition, the purpose of it is to help you get clear on your life’s path. Changes wait to happen in your life, actions wait for you to take them. It is time to acknowledge all of them.

People all around you and/ or even your own life might seem chaotic. People experience dead ends, perhaps illnesses appear, people, act in a certain way that might not be pleasant to you. Intense emotions of anxiety or sadness might arise and many other events that have one purpose: change.

Whatever no longer serves you tries to become known in any way possible. For example, People that are not a match to you give you reasons to step away; jobs, hobbies or situations arise that encourage you to change directions; illness and/or intense emotions reveal what emotions, beliefs or programs you hold within that no longer serve. This is a powerful month that encourages change. None of what comes up is random. Pay attention, see the bigger picture, and read beyond the lines. This month helps you to finally align with your ultimate truth of being and living: happiness, joy, empowerment, purpose. Anything that holds you back comes up. Listen, take action.

Your Clair abilities enhance but they are highly linked to your intuition. The clairs cannot align unless you trust and allow your intuition to thrive. As we mentioned before, your intuition expands this month, but only if you allow it to guide you. The more you trust your inner knowing, and act towards the insights it brings, the more it strengthens, and more your clairs empower.

What are the Clair abilities?
Your mental sight, hearing, feeling, sensing, tasting, knowing, begin to guide you. You might hear words that come through your mind (clairaudience), your envisioning becomes powerful, and your dreams seem more vivid (clairvoyance), your “gut feeling” is stronger leading you to the right decisions (Clairsentience), you observe phantom smells that have no physical source but rather come from spirit (Clairalience), a thought of a certain food gives you its strong taste in your mouth (Clairgustance), and most importantly you suddenly know certain information without anyone telling you (Claircognizance). As you trust those senses, their power increases tremendously.

Because of the intensity of the energies, the strength of certain symptoms also increases. Do not get alarmed, know that all is well. Recognize the emotion and/or symptoms that arise and learn from them. If it is not yours send it back so that your energy doesn’t get drained. it is important to clear your energy twice a day, envisioning white light around you with the purpose of clearing your energy is enough to feel automatically uplifted and elevated. Energies of others might latch on to you unintentionally as the energy all around is more intense than usual. Be aware of this to quickly recover by setting the intention of removing what is not yours, and going through the process of clearing as we mentioned earlier.

This month your thoughts are extra powerful, so be careful to let your awareness go in things that you want to experience in your life. It is the perfect time to set intentions for the future and ask the universe for what you want. Envision it, sit with the idea of it in your mind and let the energies guide you. The creation and manifestation of what you broadcast have extra intensity this month. Use it for your benefit.

Your whole being reprograms right now to hold the blueprints of creation while in the physical body. While in spirit you were masterful creator, but as you exist on earth that is filled with challenge, density and ego creation is challenging because the mind is not clear. Right now the re-programming begun to help you control your emotions and thoughts on such a degree that you can only flow high vibrational energy. Train yourself to think more of the things that you want to have, see, and experience and you will become a masterful co-creator on earth. Your whole essence is changing. You are returning to your original power.

And with that, we have concluded the information about what we want you to know for this month. Do not hide from the energies that arise, experience them, learn from them, and let them guide you to what’s next. You are becoming a powerful being of light, never forget this.
We love you.”

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