maandag 23 april 2018

Energy Update 18-04-2018 ~ Lisa Transcendence Brown♥

Photo: no where near what the rest of the island experienced.... black waves, with beaches washed away, the morning after....

Aloha Love Family,
For those asking, I'm totally fine. Thank you for caring. My personal experience of the actual storm was a beyond powerfully beautiful one, very different than many here on the island. So very many/much affected in various ways by this increasing clearing/cleansing/re-alignment process.
For now, it's about commUNITY, each other, what's truly important and as with the rest of our Earth, our beLOVEd Kauai, who's entire energetic system (therefore physical) has been/is being reworked .

It's about the people, each uniting, supporting, sharing, assisting and re-working things... there are many relief efforts in place, many different ways to contribute, support, make a difference, where each can determine the most appropriate way to do this.... This will be an ongoing process, which will mean all continuing to assist in various ways.... 

As a Gatekeeper/Gridkeeper, observing the powerful activation of many new energetic gridding systems being brought online, the entire multi-dimensional experience, days upon days of StarGate activations and alignments, the immense power of these cosmic energies and how they affect all, this is a small part of the continuation process of our increasing cosmic storms/weather that I've been speaking of, with "seeing" that there is possibly more coming, for an island that has not yet recovered from this recent experience.....

For me personally, I had a guest arrive the next morning to visit and do some intensive work this week. When I have an immense/packed physical work schedule to accomplish, I go completely offline, as each physical reality takes all of my focus and dedicated energy..... It's going to be this way for me through May..... so I will write Gatekeeper Cosmic Energy Reports/Updates as my own schedule allows for this....

I love you all. For all affected, you are deeply in my heart. Holding kindness, gratitude, consideration and love is important for us all, with each contributing/uniting in every way that matters/makes a difference (small and large), while honoring each's own individual inner/outer journey/experience, which is beyond important for all.

With the utmost respect,

Lisa Transcendence Brown

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