zaterdag 7 april 2018

Current Cosmic Energy Report ~ Lisa Transcendence Brown♥

Current Cosmic Energy Report

We've had hours of Diamond Light Code Razors... which cut through the veils strongly, powerfully and fast.... Overstimulating the nervous system (if you are integrating instantly, it's nothing and easy to function, so honor you & support your body as it anchors the immensity and re-codes at a ridiculous rate FOR YOU).

Other frequencies, a multitude of them, all activating different things are running too. We will shift, oscillate and weave through various Cosmic Ray activations as we continue.
Crystalline Structures targeted with charging, recoding quickly and opening up quickly too. Pineal, breathing.... electromagnetic emissions very powerful as high frequency photonic solar winds enter into the mix too.

Rapid Particle Acceleration and DNA restructuring too..
If I'm around, I'll post updates as I work, for those who utilize these for more understanding and greater ease.

I love you!
Lisa Transcendence Brown

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