donderdag 30 mei 2019

Grace Solaris

 Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: een of meer mensen
Grace Solaris

Cut the bs and let´s get real. Let your heart lead you. All that is needed of you is to surrender, to stop pretending and becoming real and responding to what your heart knows to be true.
Let all else fall away. Get your act together and move on to what is real and true and what is in honour of what is you. This is an act of self love and reclaiming of your self dignity.

Living in self denial is a continual violation of love. You came here to move mountains and create heaven from within onto this earth, only thru authentic being and presence shall this be fulfiled, not as separate but from divine unity and soul coherence will this become manifest. 

Take a present moment breath and check in... are you living in an energetical environment that nurtures and make your soul grow, are you living in a relationship, that is fruitfull and nourising your soul... if not what is holding you back.... what is craving to be loved and honored and worshipped within you, that you have neglected.. 

You are in the position and vibrational space to meet the beloved within, you got to embrace those parts of you, that you have neglected and abandoned as being non-deserving of love, of being unworthy and undeserving of what is your divine birthright and very essence.

As long as you deprive yourself of your greatness, wisdom and eternal light and love, how can you expect to experience what your heart is craving for and longed for... what is felt as an eternal condemnation of separtion is ripe to be reborn as divine love beyond the beyond of your heart´s greatest aspiration of divine union with all-that-is.In this present moment take a deep breath and feel into what is your path, what is the choice of your heart and destiny of your soul.

Cut the bs of ego interfearance and settle for what your heart knows to be true. No one and no thing is going to make your highest aspiration come true other than the pure intent and devotion of your heart. Let the guardian angel of your heart lead the way. Love is the way and the truth and the life you have longed for.

Surrender surrender beloved into what is true and real. ~ Grace Solaris

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