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Your Light codes are activating July Forecast ~ Amelia Bert

july 2020 ascension news

There’s no doubt we’re going through a major stepping stone in the ascension progress right now. This summer it will be intense, it already begun in May, and the intensity will continue until Mid-September.  This July all awakened lightworkers go through major light activations. Here’s what the angels say about it:

July 2020 energy report

“The time that you go through now is unlike any other. We are very ecstatic to watch you navigate through it. The density of the 3D world ceases slowly as you gradually raise and lift in frequency you re-arrange beliefs, perceptions, past experiences that were of denser energy. This happens automatically, as you sleep, and as you go about your day. Yes you might feel the denser energies that are clearing but that doesn’t mean that you are them; that you are linked with them. You just observe them as they suffice, as they clear and move away.
July is a stepping stone between who you were before in 3D consciousness and the 5D self that emerges. You will continue to lift, and clear and go through transformations. At times those shifts might seem frightening, overwhelming. Other times you will feel you have achieved breakthroughs, greater inner connection, universal alignment, peace. All those will accompany you through July making it a month with varying levels of energy.

Spiritual  transformation

The main theme however is personal expansion. As you go through your own personal transformation and you allow greater light to flow through, the whole collective benefits. It is through you that the earth can ascend, that the collective ascension can begin. You read this now, because you are an important part of the ascension puzzle. You have come on this earth with the important mission to go through personal and collective rise in consciousness. You are leading the way as we speak.
As you receive the light transmissions, as you go through inner clearings, your own frequency rises. When it does light codes that you carried through you become activated. Each light code unravels deeper transformation for you. They hide gifts, experiences, lessons, memories, inner wisdom. The more of those you carry through you and are activated, the easier the move to the 5D and above, will be.

Breaking the 3D ties

During this time you might feel tied down from the 3d collective and fears and concerns. We see you ready to break those ties. You are no longer going to be tied down with what the masses taught you to believe. Your inner wisdom awakens and it is the key to differentiate you from the restrictions. You become your own mind so to speak.
 You will feel disconnected from what others believe. If that is not your truth, then it will feel false, outdated, and unsettled for you. That is how you know you are no longer linked to the 3D grid. You are expanding. This connection is vital to help you see more clearly.
We ask that you are open to seeing the world differently. You get a set of fresh new eyes, so-to-speak. Use them to see the truth. You feel what is not in alignment. Trust your intuition. This is a major stepping stone.

Feeling alienated in ascension

What’s more is that this disconnection from the 3d grid might make you feel disconnected from others also; From friends, family, society. Their perceptions and right and wrong will be different from you now. You have received this boost of truth but others might lie in the shadows still. Trust that they will see the truth when it’s time. Don’t lose your energy trying to persuade them on what you see differently. Give them space to find their own truth in time.
This path is not meant to be lonely. It might feel this way for a while, until you connect with like- minded souls. You’re getting there. Now you are meant to stay off-the-grid, to learn to trust your own intuition, and truth. Trust that this time is so needed for you to become acquainted with the personal shifts you go through, the major transformations.
Inside the cocoon the caterpillar is alone; once it is ready to fly, it breaks free and is in alignment with others like it. Trust that your transformation ensues solidarity for now.
Cosmos and ascension
The planets, the stars, the solar system, the star planets and comets all have shifted focus on earth during this time. You will notice so many shifts happening up in the sky, unusual events, major phenomena occur. That is because this is massive period for the earth and all universe wants to assist. They send light transmissions, energy to ensure the shift of the earth, and of you. You see all those hold much higher frequency that the earth needs to jump dimensions.
Spirit animals connect
Your spirit animals want to work with you this month. Allow them to show up, ask them to guide you thru this ascension time. Call them when you experience density and turbulence to help you navigate through it and back to love. They ask that you ask them to join you during meditation, or even during your day. This is a major theme for July as you are slowly begin to reconnect with your soul family, and they are one of the many light beings that are linked with you.
Don’t resist the change that is underway. This is a temporal “thunderstorm” of energy that will lift you to higher consciousness. You are almost there. We couldn’t be more proud of you.”

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