woensdag 24 juni 2020

Energy report ~ Natoya Hall

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: de tekst 'The Revolution has begun. Now the light codes are awakening within you. Welcome back Starseeds NATOYA HALL HALL TOYA'
As these light codes come online you will begin to return to your “original” format. This past weekend was powerful because it brought you into your new timeline. Let whatever is coming up from the past come up; it’s like erasing a book and leaving the important content to assist with the rewrite. Look at the shadows coming up, Divine Starseeds please look at it and be courageous to say I see you, I feel you, thank you but now I transcend you
Many symptoms right now. There’s high potent energies moving through your body now and this might make you feel off, stiffness, pain, fatigue, bulging stomach, nausea, hot flashes, rashes, breaking out on your face or body, painful legs, feet, ankles. There’s lots going on with the brain and spine. The Spine is the information highway that takes high frequencies and run them through the “off ramps”of your body; DNA, Blood, Organs etc. Everything, absolutely everything is changing or has changed 
Energy Report out this week!

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