donderdag 29 augustus 2019

WAYSHOWERS ~ Amanda Lorence

The INCOMING WAVE that started approx 28 hours ago, has not stopped, is ongoing.
It NOW upgrades in the wave’s ENERGETIC presentation to human. NOW it presents the first MEDIUM STRENGTH Ecstasy sensations to the body.
Recently some incoming waves presented the very first MILD Ecstasy sensations. This sensation will only INCREASE to more and more strength as we move closer to the main event wave where multiple energetic patterns, multiple pulses and a VERY VERY HIGH degree of ecstasy sensation can be experienced. we already experience the multiple patterns and pulses, so the only thing that needed to present, then increase in strength, was the Ecstasy Sensation. It doesn’t matter if you feel these or not, as sensitivity varies...the point is, it’s happening as expected many years ago.

So...the change in this current wave is a very good sign. Ecstasy sensation will only strengthen as more waves come in and can be strengthened further via the “SACRED BREATH” where the out breath is increasing the power of the Ecstasy sensation. Where our participation has effect.
One Love, in an amazing timeline...
Amanda Lorence
28 August 2019

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