vrijdag 16 augustus 2019

Judith Kusel ~ Energy Update

 Geen fotobeschrijving beschikbaar.

"Life has led you already through many byways, and alternate ways, as you are searching for the truth. However, know that the Highest Truth is always found inside of you, for what resonates so deeply within you, is YOUR truth – so live it!

Yes, you have searched high and low. But now it is time to search your own soul and its infinite and deep connection to the Divine and allow the Divine Light and Love to fill you.

You can wander from one end of the earth to the next, but you will find that all journeys lead you back to the deepest truth within yourself and finding that within – go and show others the way! That is why you are here!

You chose to come back to help humanity through the rebirth of Mother Earth, but also for the greatest shift in consciousness ever to have taken place – humanity needs you to shine your light and show them the way.

Walk your talk. Shine in your truth and integrity and do not settle for less than the highest truth of your own soul.

Judith Kusel

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