zondag 22 december 2019

Sunday December 22 - 29 2019 ” What comes, will go…….what is found, will be lost again ~ Lorna Bevan

Sunday December 22 - 29 2019
” What comes, will go…….what is found, will be lost again… but what you are is beyond coming and going and beyond description……You are It” Rumi

A heads up! Looking down the corridors of Time
This is a week when everything counts…when the chips fall where they may. There’s an element of Fate about this very potent deep space astrology, the unmistakable sound of one cosmic door being shut and another opening .

The seismic window of the December 26th Capricorn New Moon Solar eclipse is open and active all week and the Sun, unpredictable Uranus, Mercury and Jupiter are all key players-there will be new information revealed which has the potential to change everything.

Eclipses are dramatic cosmic wild cards. As the deep space Evolutionary Burn intensifies non-stop, the eclipses are acting as Influxes on steroids, accelerating the process of changing consciousness and deleting the past as they go. They shake you out of your comfort zone so that you can move from one stairstep to another. They are some of the most dramatic tools that the universe uses to get you to pay attention to areas in your life that need to change. 

They work very rapidly - often in a blink of an eye switching off an old life, defragging you and rebooting you. They uproot you, surprise you and nudge you to a new level of your personal evolution or unfolding.

Thursday’s New Moon eclipse December 26th catalyses a 6 months shamanic passage of release, renewal and re-empowerment-thanks to Jupiter’s infusion of fierce hope and bright faith.

These Cancer /Capricorn Axis eclipses continue through 2020, underscoring the need to create security and sanctuary in the face of social upheavals and contraction. Notice where you’re ready for change, especially in the area of home, family, alliances, heritage, security and identity. Events connected to your family tree, home and living space from 2001-2, 1981-83 and 1962-64 will cycle back around for karmic closure, wiping your ancestral fault lines and restoring the DNA of your original blueprint.

This eclipse is a new start wherever 4 degrees Capricorn sits in your chart. Conjunct both Jupiter-expansion- and Quaoar-creative power -and aligned with Chiron and Uranus, there will be light bulb moments that have the power to re-pattern your view of what’s possible for you.

Capricorn is practical dynamic Earth, so it’s past time to turn your knowledge, gifts and experience into applicable and valuable forms of service and income in 2020. If you think you already know how your plans and projects are going to play out, think again.

The map is not the territory. Let go of old ideas about who you are as you witness the withdrawal of many of your previous creations - roles, labels, careers, alliances and titles
And this wild card eclipse is just the first of 3 alchemical Gateways. 

It will be intensified by the 10/01/20 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse + the12/01/20 Saturn/Pluto Super Conjunction passage of release, renewal and re-empowerment.

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