zondag 29 december 2019

A New Age is Apon Humanity...Let Freedom Ring! ~ Sean Christopher

A New Age is Apon Humanity...Let Freedom Ring!

9 straight hours of adamantine living photonic harmonic light streaming from our galactic central sun. 
Hold steady stars and breathe in this gift of intense living light codes into your cellular structure and consciously integrate the light into all aspects of you. Let go and feel the love entering on all levels of your consciousness and connecting you closer and more deeply to your higher-self. 
You carry everything you seek inside of you, so go within and ask any and all questions that come up and the answers will always be given to you. 
A new space is amongst humanity and this space is of a higher magnetic frequency that humanity as never experienced in its entirety. 
We are entering the age of Aquarius, which is a time for unconditional love, creation and abundance for all humans and sentient life on earth. 

Freedom is your birthright and you my fellow star brothers and sisters are on the verge of seeing your planet and your entire species liberated from Draconian tyranny for once and for all. 

Your Galactic family has come to assist you and all of humanity and we wouldn't have missed this opportunity to witness the most amazing show this universe has ever seen.

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