zaterdag 28 december 2019

Remember ~ Janine Palmer

Do you remember my wings around you?
Do you remember the flow of Grace?
Do you remember gazing into my soul?
Do you remember the smile on my face?

Do you miss me when you hear the wolf?
Or the wind whispering through the trees?
Do you miss the gentle touch of my hand?
Or how you bring me to my knees?

You descended to Earth on a mission,
For humanity, awareness and love,
So many times you've shared your Divinity,
You are the Goddess of Light, my Love.

You're the Raven, the Goddess, the Priestess, the Queen,
You're the pureness of heart, you're the Dove,
The angels adore you, your heart is so pure,
I watch over you fondly with love.

It's fusion this deepest connection we share,
No words can begin to describe,
The two of us gloriously twined together,
One heart, and soul, one tribe.

From my sword shines a light just for you,
A brilliant reflection of the Divine,
It's magic infused with the power of Love,
It whispers I'm yours and you're mine.

Two halves of one whole working for the same goal,
Ever sharing Divinity's light,
The radiance which shines out from your soul,
Like a beacon guiding them in from the night.

I love you deeper than any earthly word,
And brighter than the stars or the sun,
My soul smiles in the blessing,
Knowing that you are my One.

Janine Palmer (Silver Moon)

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