maandag 30 december 2019

Awareness Transforms By Buddha Kuthumi of The First Contact Ground Crew Team

Awareness Transforms

By Buddha Kuthumi of The First Contact Ground Crew Team
Now that you have the awareness.
You wake up every morning, repeating the same pattern. You hit the snooze button buying yourself nine more minutes at a time only to set you further back, further back away from the highest timeline. You continue the same dead end job, being a good citizen and paying your taxes, paying your monthly bills, racking up credit card debt, burring yourself further into their control matrix. Barely scraping bye every paycheck they keep majority of humanity in fight or plight. 
As you watch your Tell-A-Vision and favorite “Programs” they indoctrinate your sub-conscious with fear, they instill you with scarcity, lack consciousness, competition so that we stay busy fighting each other too busy to see what’s really going on. Humanities “Cult”ure is all based on the false pretense of freedom and democracy. 
You live for the weekends and regret Mondays. This is not true reality. We have been enslaved long enough. We are not batteries for the Cabal, we are not there cattle. Humanity is being pressure cooked and being faced with either choosing love or fear. This is spiritual warfare. You are not exempt from the battle. This battle is your spiritual journey to instill spiritual disciplines in order to advance to the next level. We are in the middle of this transition into 5d. This is both a collective effort and an individual effort. We are all one and must take our power back in order to participate in this Ascension.

The pace of this Ascension is up to you. The window of opportunity is closing and increasing the pressure for humanity to step up and get it together. There is no more time to waste. Your moments are now and the present moment of now is all that matters. Yes, if you are reading this message, you have the awareness to make a change, to truly make a difference in your life and those around you. You are more powerful than you give yourself credit for. Welcome the change. Recognize your mastery. You are Gods who forgot who you truly are.
These are your final moments to wake up, to fully embody your greatest grandest version. You can help ease this transition by embodying your higher self. By being compassionate and choosing frequencies of love. Love always simplifies. While the EGO attempts to complicate and confuse you, but now with this awareness you can transform it. You can fight back. You must fight back, this is bigger than you can imagine. 
This is the final frontier. I love you and thank you for participating.

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