zondag 29 december 2019

Energy Update ~ Amelia Bert

I'm sure many of you felt the energy influx moving through your body these past 30 hours. You might feel agitated, restless, or very energetic. However, there is something different about this energy, it is lighter, euphoric, peaceful even if it streams through your body making you vibrate.

"We have talked of this 'milestone' waiting to occur in December as the Earth submerged with more high frequency and it is able to sustain/keep higher dimension energy. 
The earth jumps timelines indeed, shifting along with it the way you experience the ascension symptoms and light influxes. 

You sense them differently, as they don't come from density but from the light. Love, peace, balance, joy all join you as a sign of 5D energy as it anchors within you and within the earth further.

The 2020 energy is almost upon you, opening portals of more light to stream in and thus clearing the timelines of chaos, illness, and fear that have laid on earth. 

Breathe in this new profound change and expect more like it to join shortly. You are ascending indeed, even if you don't feel the change it occurs slowly but you will feel it soon."

Do you feel the shift?

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