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The Year of the Great Purge By Grace Solaris

The Year of the Great Purge

By Grace Solaris
The week leading up to the 11.11 gateway and last week especially we experienced an uprecedented amount of ancient and dark energies surfacing in the collective from the deepest layers of the subconscious….. It was very tangible in the micro as in the macro…. social media turned into a battlefield of pointing fingers blame/game having-it-my-way projection screen. I also witnessed it thru my dream time where I saw it played out… even had a disclosure sort of meeting with BIG PHARMA where I blew the whistle and put facts on the table and basically caught them in-the-act…. and I saw that not only myself that was guided to host a mass(ive) clearing of ancient programming and the wound caused by it dating back to the ancient civilizationS Of Lemuria and Atlantis, the Downfall and even prior to, that many went thru a diversity of challening trauma/drama scenarios. The guided meditation for the Activation, that I hosted at the 11.11 has been listened to 2800 times, so the urge to clean this old wound and the programming met great resonance. Thank you to all that responded to the call to heal the rift within self and within the etheric, that have held us in separation and mental slavery.

A huge amount of ancient guilt, grief, fear and the whole claviature of the deepest emotions of pain were released. As a result I was flattened out 5 days where I could hardly move…. the day after the activation suddenly I felt an extreme ache in my back…. it was this ancient guilt that I had carried so long, because of the sinking of Lemuria and Atlantis and as a conduit and transformer of the collective my body was wiped out and I needed so much rest not only to purge but also to allow for the new codes to be integrated and recalibrate fully to a new frequency. Finally I am thru but wow what a tour de force…. so if the last weeks and days have been rough, no wonder, most of us have had challenging days either mentally, emotionally or like me physically.
This year has really turned out to be THE YEAR OF THE GREAT PURGE to really rid ourself of the most deep, most ancient, most dark energies that we have held the last many millenium, so that we can get ready for 2020, which is already here vibrationally, the year of stepping into service and embracing to the fullest our avatar monadic source self into embodiment… it is already happening to many and yet whatever limitations, that are still inhibiting our full divine expression will have to give way… limiting beliefs, limiting, behaviours (on all levels physically,mentally or emotionallly), whereever we in any way are compromising ourself needs to end, wherever we are compromising love to fear will have to stop.
It is all or nothing…. and well to become all we need to completely let go of all labels and identification to the egoic self, to become a no One… and as we surrender to being nothing, there are no attachments and thus only what is true and free will find us and embody our sacred abode and heart. Keep going the best is yet to come…. though it is already here, but sometimes we get lost in the illusion of maya, the truth is, the matrix is crumbling and disintegrating… it can no longer exists on the new frequency of Gaia, nothing is as it seems…. Let your heart be the only authority in your life, discern and choose wisely what and who you give your energy to, what realities you engage in….. is it REAL or is it hollo(w)gram of 3D. You will feel it, if you take the time to pause and feel in. The only way to move out of the matrix, is to NOT feed it, rise your frequency above it, you are born an alchemyst, you can do this shi(f)t. We are the disclosure… when we choose to see, all veils inner and outer will lift like dew in the sun. Let there be light. 
~ Grace Solaris

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