donderdag 22 februari 2018

Energy Report Update~ Tiffany Stiles

Energy Report Update~
I have found it difficult to do an energy report update for the past week as the influx in energies has put me offline. To think linear and try to convey has its challenges. We have had heavy bursts of plasma energies come in. It has zapped energy for forced downtime. We can't integrate when we're running at Mach 5 and working against the energy flow. We must slow down, shut down, and go "with the flow."

As a highly sensitive Empath, I have found the task of peopling, or being out in public has not been appealing to me personally since before December 22nd. I have craved downtime to do absolutely Very short intermittent bursts of energy allow me to get accomplished what I need to, then I'm back to rest. I have felt the need to disconnect and disengage with social media platforms, WIFI, and be in nature 12 or more hours a ground, meditate, be calm and present in the Universal flow without outside distractions, or interference.

Since the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere on December 21st, the energetic pulse has shifted. Being forced to deal with 3D lower vibrational energies from those still heavily rooted in 3D is most disconcerting, but necessary to shift those out of your field who are no longer in alignment. Transmuting on a daily basis from Collective backwash has drained the highly sensitive Empath to extreme. The only way an Empath can recharge is alone, and some Empaths rarely get that opportunity as a walker between dimensions. Daily tasks in 3D must be accomplished while we are continuing to shift in and out of higher dimensional awareness. I feel there has been an all out assault on the Higher Self connection; it felt like a false wave of lower vibratory energy that rippled through the Collective to stunt the process, which was moving at highly accelerated rate. This has caused communication to shut down. This caused false matrix imprints to overlay with self defeating talk, depression, and the ego to get in the way due to being highly sensitive, and emotions being on a rollercoaster ride, which has triggered many as the shadow aspects came out to play. As many have moved through this phase years ago, you may have felt you were thrown back on your ascension journey.

As the cellular physiological make up in the DNA is restructured, recalibrated, and upgraded all cellular memory comes forth from all past lifetimes and lineages of family ancestral karma. The old must surface to clear, to allow the process to continue to unfold. As these imprints in our cellular DNA rise, they show us as a reflected mirror from others what is needed to transcend. The highly sensitive Empaths are the ones who show others as mirrors how and what is needed to transcend. The highly sensitive Empath is born encoded with high vibrational frequency. To simply be in the presence of a highly sensitive Empath, others "feel the higher Frequency emitted from the higher heart, and are cleansed, healed, allowed to purge toxicity from their emotional state as the Empath transmutes and transcends all lower vibrational energies through unconditional love.

The Empath is no push over though, and most chose to have very challenging and sometimes abusive childhoods in dysfunctional family situations. This allowed the Empath to gain a great deal of wisdom from tough life lessons to be able to do what we are doing now in this most important time in history. This taught compassion and heightened the sense of empathy which is needed to push through to 5D and higher. Empaths have a tenacity that I rarely see in others who are not empaths.

They remain positive, and optimistic in even the worst scenarios. They see things from a perspective most others don't, and try to assist others in seeing from a higher perspective too. They have a high sense of integrity and will not stop until they feel they have made a positive difference in humanity as a whole. Empaths have taken on a massive task during this most Ahhhmazing time. And many times they feel like giving up, but they NEVER do. This is why we chose to come here at this time, because a quitter couldn't get this transition accomplished. Empaths are old souls, wise beyond their years, and only in this lifetime, in human form, have we had the opportunity to see through all the veiled illusion, to rise above it and transcend it. To truly master alchemy. To truly be able to understand through our Higher Selves what is occurring around us at all times. We have been given the capability and capacity to be able to put into understandable Earthly terms what is occurring to assist others on their paths. It had to occur in this manner because it will take a collective higher vibrational mass of humans to allow the rest to transition too. To let others know they are not alone, they are not going crazy, and this is the new normal. Keep doing what you're doing. Take care of you. Make time for you. Honor yourself. All is going according to Divine plan. The false pulse of lower vibratory energy, was just that, false energy. It has cleared now as it has been shown as illusion.

All shall have complete access back to their Higher Selves. There is no separation as that is also an illusion. I will end now as this has gotten longer than I wanted. I am signing off for the rest of the day and sending much love through this transmission who is in need. You are valued, appreciated, loved and needed, and you are not alone. Let's get busy doing what we do best- sending a massive ripple of unconditional love through the grid that sends healing, compassion, empathy and transcends all else in its highest vibrational frequency state. I love you.

Much love, Tiffany Stiles

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