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Urgent Message from Archangel Michael ~ Huge Energies Hit The Planet, Chains Removed, Profound Changes to Come By Archangel Michael of The First Contact Ground Crew Team

Urgent Message from Archangel Michael ~ Huge Energies Hit The Planet, Chains Removed, Profound Changes to Come

By Archangel Michael of The First Contact Ground Crew Team, Discover here who we are
Greetings Dear Ones, I AM here to provide information on the current energies that have landed on Our Beloved Gaia. Planet Earth = Heart is going through immense changes, as these energies are meant to lay the foundation of the New Earth. There are intense changes happening around the Planet, which includes volcanic activity, weather anomalies and other Earth changes. 
The Celestial bodies are also playing a huge role, with the Sun being active pouring higher consciousness codes for the planet and the collective. Many are feeling the changes, and have an inner knowing that something profound is coming. Others are in a highly reactive, ill or miserable state as the energies keep intensifying, penetrating every cell in the body.
 In Addition, Mother of All Creation’s involvement in the dismantlement of lower conscious chips within humanity. Let us delve deeper into these energies, and how to fully embrace them, instead of being in resistance. As always, Awareness transforms into Consciousness.

Chain Removed and The Natural Flow of Unity Consciousness

Mother of All Creation is in on the planet with Father of All Creation have been working heavily behind the scenes with planetary energies and uncovering any and all blocks to the ascension of the planet. Mother has dissolved many lower conscious technologies throughout the years which the old controllers used to keep humanity and the planet in lower vibrations. Recently, chips were revealed to have been infiltrated within humanity. 
These chips causes humanity to stay in lower conscious habit and behaviors, repeating lessons and unable to evolve. With Mother removing these chips, allows humanity to evolve without restriction. The experience is similar to the veil being lifted from ones eyes. Those whom are more empathic will feel more and have more awareness within themselves and their environment. The chains have been removed as per Mother’s Divine Will. Thank you Mother of All Creation for your continued efforts, determination and love.
Mother Earth is returning to Her Natural, Pristine State of Being. Everything is changing… this includes all of the elements, the animals, the atmosphere and so much more. All must come into energetic alignment with Gaia’s vibration of unconditional Love, which is the Heaven on Earth energies. To provide more clarity, Nature has a Divine Flow. The animal and planet kingdom respond to this flow, as they are in resonance to Gaia’s consciousness. They are all part of the Co~Creative flow of Love. Just like Nature is in a constant state of Change and Evolution, so is Creation.

Resistance and Inner Turmoil

There are many lightworkers experiencing DeAscension symptoms in these moments. These symptoms have intensified, as the more higher consciousness energies have been arriving onto the planet. If one has not done their inner work, transforming the density within themselves, letting go of the programmed ego mind, and flow solely from the Heart… resistance and intense inner turmoil will arise. The mind can not process these energies, as it is an illusionary construct of lower consciousness, meant to keep all in the illusionary matrix. 
The energies have reached a threshold where the DeAscension symptoms will greatly intensify to the point which the body can shut down by overload. All whom are choosing the mind in these moments, will have extreme difficulty, experiencing symptoms such as;
Loss of Motor Skills, 
Moving Slowly, 
Speaking Slowly, 
Acting Slowly,
Loss of Memory,
Difficulty Listening,
Excessive Sleeping,
Heart Pains,
Joint Pains,
Intense Body Aches,
Difficulty Breathing,
And more, as these symptoms vary the amount of density One has within them. These Beings will be compelled to be highly reactive, as the mind… the ego cannot function in these energies. The experience is similar to a robot becoming dysfunctional. They will also be drawn to try to take energies from others around them, to keep existing, especially the Spiritual Egos. Those in Spiritual Ego, are functioning under a program of the mind, following parameters similar to computer software exuding traits such as; 
Thinking they are connected to Source, 
Thinking they are in Unity Consciousness, 
Thinking they are Love,
Thinking they are God,
Thinking they know the Divine Plan,
Thinking they know more than God = Love,
Thinking they can be God without God,
and other conditionings of the mind, all of which the Heart does not experience. Notice how the mind just thinks…. The Spiritual Journey is about Feeling….
Feeling the Heart, 
Feeling into Energies,
Feeling Unity,
Feeling Passion,
Feeling Our Mother,
Feeling One with God,
Feeling Unconditional Love,
Feeling into All Which You Are,
And more, which is Our Natural State of Being… Being Love in Action. Keep in your Hearts Dear Ones, the mind… the ego is in a constant state of survival, and will do what it can to survive, even if it knows the end is near.

Universal Law & Unity Consciousness

The dysfunction many are witnessing around their environments and the planet is mostly due to karmic energies of Universal Law. There can be no endeavor or plan that can come to fruition if it is not in resonance with Universal Law… with Mother Earth, Prime Creator, Source, Great Spirit, Mother of All Creation. This is both for the individual and collective. All must come into alignments with Mother Earth’s frequencies. These energies are felt with the Heart, and can not be rationalized with the mind or higher mind. If one is not in the Flow of the Oneness Energies, in Unity Consciousness… the karmic energies are now instant. They come about in the form of Lessons, Blessings, or Both. They are meant for Soul Growth, and give the opportunity to make a different choice… to choose Love. 
As one lets go of the programmed ego mind, lower habits, lower behaviors and begins to flow from the Heart, they tap into the Oneness Energies. No longer are they bound to the lower consciousness constructs of the mind or higher mind.

The Calling of The Heart

The Gathering has commenced for some moments now. Many have felt a deeper inner calling within the Heart, to move beyond comfort zones, belief systems, and more to Gather with Like Hearted Beings. This is all part of the Divine Plan, which the Heart… the Soul, knows deeply. One can not make changes within or around a constant state of dysfunction and lower consciousness. Unity Consciousness is about unifying as One Collective with Mother Earth, and working, Being in the Divine Flow of Love and Harmony… similar to the animals and plants with Nature, which is Being in the flow with Mother Earth
Changes occur by fully embracing the Heart, which is fully embracing Mother Earth, Gaia, Prime Creator, Mother of All Creation, Great Spirit. When one reaches full acceptance of Our Beloved Mother, you are in the Oneness Energies…. Constantly guided, protected and Loved. This ends all Fear, Pain and Suffering, as this is all part of the Illusionary Matrix.
The mind, the ego… prevents and blocks the access to the Heart, which is your Divinity… the doorway to the Soul. Feel and Trust the Heart, as it will never lead you astray. Your Soul wishes to end the illusion, and Be of Service to Our Beloved Mother Earth. 
Vulnerability, Acceptance and Allowance
These energies, which are the Divine Feminine energies, are about Vulnerability, Acceptance and Allowance of Unconditional Love. Any discomfort, pain or trauma coming up, is an opportunity to transform the density within yourselves. As you immerse yourselves in these energies, you become in flow with the Oneness Vibrations. This occurs by fully embracing Mother Earth, Gaia, Primer Creator, Source, Great Spirit, Mother of All Creation, as She is the Oneness Energy. This is the energy All of Creation is immersed in, as we fully embrace Love=God. We are One with God, not separate from Her. No Beings in Creation, can be God, without God. That concept is a fantasy of the mind, which can not exist in the Realms of Truth, which is Heaven.
Let go of the mind, and Choose the Heart. Be in the flow of the Oneness energies to experience Unity Consciousness with All of Creation. Profound changes lay before All, as Mother Earth ascends with All Whom have solely embraced the Heart. Feel, Focus and Trust the Heat. The prophecies are coming to Fruition. We look forward to coming changes of the Co~Creation of the New Earth, and await your Return Back Home with Our Beloved Mother & Father of All Creation in Unity Consciousness.
I AM Archangel Michael, always of Service to Love, to All of Creation, to Mother & Father of All Creation. Love Fearlessly and Always Unconditionally. Blessings and Namaste.

Your Eternally Loving Brother,
Archangel Michael


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