zondag 30 september 2018

Living Your NEW Earth Lives with Pure Exuberance & JOY ~ Lisa Transcendence Brown♥

Look at what you've CREATED
It's time for you to LIVE the REWARDS
A RETURN on your own Contributions
To IN-JOY the Gifts that FREEdom from Old Earth brings forth....

You Transcended Judgment, Ego Lack, Separation Programming, Duality you once held
and Your own Karmic/Unconscious Energy from within...

You've ARRIVED in beauty, magnificence and such HEAVEN, where all is simple and a vibrational MATCH to how you live your whole life here....
A Vibrational Match to your own Divinity, Sovereignty, Purity and Consciousness Embodiment
Where Living a Life of Purity and Service is SIMPLE

At first, for years...
No, it wasn't easy
Because you had to Learn (Remember) how all works on a Universal/Cosmic/Quantum Level
Transcending the Ego (Constructs) never is
Yet it doesn't have to be so hard
Because each truly does have a CHOICE (infinite ones)
This Journey of Awakening and Ascending is each constantly CHOOSING to Exercise this....

Living highest aligned realities was challenging for many years
Because you were going "against" what everyone once believed
Because you refused to fit into the boxes and limits each kept insisting were "true" and real
Because you knew better and you listened, honored and held the NEW FULLY FROM WITHIN
Because you had to REVERSE EVERYTHING and recreate all fully aligned with NEW Earth...

Living a life in Service
To HUmaNITY, Gaia and as Star-Light Families here
First starts with you, loving yourself and then sharing this LOVE with the entire world
Choosing a life of Full Service is challenging for awhile (dissolve our ego about this)
because "others" don't understand what full dedication requires yet
and because because there are so many in service to their own ego still
You didn't let this stop you though, you HELD YOUR LIGHT and let everyone figure their own realities out for them...
You honored your journey, your higher purposes, your own SOUL agreements
Which is how all aligned so easily
Once you stopped "fighting" your own Universal Higher Self/Soul within you
And embraced the Unknown/new fully....
So all could arrive/materialize easier for you....

You CHOSE... Heaven on Earth
You did the "work" inside
You showed up every day, in-service
for all of HUmanity... because you held LOVE for all as ONE
When the naysayers balked and judged
You didn't listen or care
Because you KNEW there was a NEW EARTH WAITING

NOW, this is your "time"
Vibrationally you've aligned everything in your own life to LOVE
You've said "no" to unconsciousness and you held NEW EARTH IN PLACE
Because this was your ONLY REALITY...
This is where you now fully live...

You stopped trying to convince, save and drag others through kicking and screaming
You stopped worrying about what others were choosing to "do"
You focused all of your own ENERGY
You stopped getting "caught up" in those/their realities
You stopped making "theirs" yours
You let them go their own paths
You focused on holding, creating and actualizing yours
You treat others as Equals, as Sovereign, Fully Capable Divine Manifestos and Alchemists too
Because you can see them for what they truly are
You can read/see energy, their programs, their readiness and their limits and excuses
And you chose what to invest you in and honored what needed to fall away/dissolve
Which is a huge part of this process for all

Returning to an existence forgotten
Where each must anchor NEW EARTH, learn to stabilize and honor their LightBodies fully
Where each will learn to Master all as ENERGY, within themselves and their entire Physical too
Not an easy feat at first
As it's a complete re-working of everything
From fixed-linear to continually shifting/changing non-linear (Quantum)

From the depth of the CORE of your own Soul
Shining Light for all also ready to awaken through choosing consciousness fully too
Your own Pure Source Light emitted with every breath
Light Codes transmitted with every word, action and just through Divine Presence
You finally saw and understood
How Multi-Dimensionality works...

Be the brilliance that you ARE
Keep shining, sharing and WayShowing
Allowing all to continue to "sort itself out"
Keep sharing through abundance, generosity, kindness, compassion and "no more" BS
As the Gatekeepers, Gridkeepers, Guardians and Avatars that you ARE
Keep opening up for more magic, more ease, more grace, more simplicity and beauty too
And as appropriate, reconnecting with those, already Living and BEing NEW EARTH FULLY TOO!


Welcome to your NEW EARTH LIVES
Where everything is vibrant, communicating, a whole new Value System and alive
Where everything you think and do is visible
Has a purpose and is taken into consideration
To your every thought, to your every action, to your own presence, to your every breath...
An ENERGETIC EARTH that responds VIBRATIONALLY to you....
Where entire dimensions open up when you are truly ready for more "new"...

Your Transmissions...
Your Presence...
Your Contributions...
Your Caring...
Your Kindness...
Your Generosity...
Your own Unified all...
Where the only thing that exists is LOVE
Pure Unity is the only existence you know...
Because you've REMEMBERED
That what you allow becomes your own reality,
So you stopped allowing unconsciousness as an acceptable reality anymore
and Transcended the "old" fully yourself. ♥

Now more can unite/connect, because you finally vibrated into the dimensions
Where others reflect your purity back easily, simply and because they are a vibrational match to you....
Just through PRESENCE....
The rest emanates from this. ♥
(p.s. if you go unconscious, this will be reflected back LOUD or strongly, for you to see/dissolve/resolve your self)

With love, kindness, gratitude and peace,

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

p.s. Only your human aspect needs "permission" to "do" this... You as your highest version of you already are/do. Live your most brilliant LIFE. You deserve it. You worked for it. Let your magical life continually support your fulfilling your much higher service roles here. ♥ 

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