vrijdag 27 juli 2018

What to expect during this Triple Retrograde and Full Moon Eclipse! ~ Sri & Kira

What to expect during this Triple Retrograde and Full Moon Eclipse!
Namaste Beloved One!
Humanity is at a critical moment!
Retrograde Energy & the Blood Red Full Moon Eclipse! 
Ascending through the ALL of the triggers!
All beings on our beloved planet are moving through a VERY CHALLENGING moment and it sincerely does not need to be difficult! This culminating phase of July invites you to call forward the energy of FORGIVE THEM THEY KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO and LOVE THEM...THEY KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO!

THIS MOMENT is one that can be easily misunderstood while supporting spiritual set-backs if you allow the energy of anger, fear and doubt to come forward!
And they have great support!

The Mars Retrograde started June 26 and continues all the way THROUGH August 27!!! This is like a siren screaming for you to pay attention and calls you to honestly notice how the ego is trying to either RESPOND or REACT!

Saturn has also been in Retrograde since APRIL and this will last THROUGH SEPTEMBER...this is the "war" of the ego, and the literal energy of conflict that is adding to the heightened sense of polarity in the third dimension. If you succomb to your "egoic patterns" you will initiate a war within and it can be very "real" if you forget who you really are.

Yesterday, Mercury started its retrograde cycle, (although we have been in the pre-phase since early July), and this adds INTENSITY to an already "fiery" moment!

Tomorrow. Friday July 27, a BLOOD RED MOON FULL ECLIPSE adds fuel to an already "hot" energetic moment!
Let us remember that when Mercury is retrograde during Leo, your higher aspirations and ideas will be tested. This means that the universe will put in front of you EXACTLY WHAT YOU NEED to witness whether your spiritual journey is merely words or fantasy or something you are ready to anchor!

This is a gift as it provides clarity! Sometimes it is MUCH EASIER to simply walk away from your journey and allow the ego to lead. And this is perfectly OK as long as you are clear. Walking the path of mastery is not always easy and it is worth it ...if you are committed to releasing the illusions that seek to bind you!

A very beautiful and power-filled gift available through this moment!
The planetary alignments that her here, combined with the additional influence of Mercury in retrograde are the food that triggers anger, projection, doubt and collapse...IF and only IF you succumb to the illusion!!!
Those in power and authority are likely to make major blunders resulting in utter chaos in the country and this is again part of the illusion that will seek for you to give up entirely or at the very least go backwards.
Your heart will be more vulnerable if you believe that others are to blame for the way you feel! Others are experiencing heightened states of depression and anxiety and this is only one way to navigate this moment.

The universe has strongly guided us to start a series of articles to support all who are choosing to walk through this moment as a shining and radiant warrior of light! To do that takes the sincerity, love and presence to keep walking despite anything the illusion tries to throw at you!

This is the first article of the series and please click on the link below. Please READ the very informative and illuminating article online OR you can get the full color PDF to assist you to truly understand and navigate this moment with only
Shanti, Bhakti and Ananda!
Sri & Kira

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