vrijdag 24 januari 2020

Peace is Spirituality By A Gift From Gaia

Peace is Spirituality

By A Gift From Gaia
As everything spins faster and faster what we find in the field most obvious is two different patterns, one is spiralling in ever increasing circles, streams of sacred geometry pouring through, and the movement dances to the beat of The Fibonacci Drum and then there are loops, like short circuits being spun so fast it’s only a matter of time before the sparks collide.
This is all happening in perfection, and whilst the minds get busy and the judgement, defense, blame, shame increases the pain, it is all moving for the opportunity to awaken more within. To make the unconscious conscious.
All of “that” is simply highlighting what is within, that there are programs stored, low frequency energy pulsating from within, creating the most perfect setting to be recognised, and learned from, to become the Divine Being each requested upon realising there was more to all of this.

Being “spiritual” isn’t about fancy words, being connected isn’t about who you are able to channel, that’s all stems from the old Piscean teachings.
Being spiritual is about integrity, being connected is being able to speak from that space and deliver light through a clear channel, meaning no filters of programs such as judgement, lack etc.
Being spiritual is about understanding templates and not taking things literal, to see the codes and the energy that runs underneath the physical and creating from that space, only.
There are no beliefs in spirituality, just codes or laws, I personally hold no beliefs, all I have is experience and this forever changes getting more and more miraculous, to hold beliefs would limit this incredible experience.
Being spiritual means that all of our attention goes within, that the greatest jewel on this earth exists in our heart and there is not one single thing, external to self that can ever be as fulfilling than to go on this incredible treasure hunt, there is so much to learn about this magical vessel and the experiences it can create, there are languages to learn, signals, symbols and signs that shine like stars in the night sky leading us through onto our paths, being spiritual means this learning is paramount to everything else. There is no attachment outside of ourselves that is worth more than our self discovery and ultimately the gift of freedom.
Being spiritual would be a post I would have to write for eternity, how can we possibly write about what is constantly expanding and changing, there is no beginning, there is no destination, there is only freedom or restriction.
Looping or evolving, conscious or unconscious and this changes from the dimensions you choose to see/be.
Below is a picture of my field taken a few nights ago, feel into the energy, it’s super peaceful, and if I took a picture every day at 7pm and posted it then it would look exactly the same, a picture of peace, the field doesn’t waiver.
Peace is spirituality and don’t allow anyone to tell you differently, those who say otherwise haven’t realised that it all works differently in a New Age, it’s easy to spot now, there will be attachments to beliefs, expectations to outcomes and the defense rises when questioned.
This Moon is passing the Capricorn Council, before the last hours of its darkness as it reaches the sun to then awaken in Aquarius.
This is going to be extreme however you choose to surf 2xtreme
I choose extreme peace 💙💙💙

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