vrijdag 8 december 2017

The Shift to Higher Consciousness Embodying The Golden Ray/Silver Ray to The Solstice Rainbow Brigde ~ Tiffany Stiles

As The Golden Ray Frequency and healing transmissions are downloaded to the Christ Consciousness within and Merkabah Activations, we emerge to the next level to embody on this journey. December is always a magical part of year, as we receive cosmic transmissions to further us on our Ascension of Higher Consciousness. This began on December 21st, 2012 as many starseeds choose this date and time to AWAKEN from their slumber.

In these five years we have embraced many upgrades and downloads along the way. This December will be no different, with the exception of the downloads we are being given this December. These are the Golden Ray of Healing and The Silver Ray of Consciousness. 2017 is the catalyst to the Master Year 2018 Energy, so doing the work necessary this month will take you to the next steps on your journey on The Ascension of the Higher Self and Consciousness into 5D.

As the sun continues to send off solar flares, CMEs & Geomagnetic storms, the energy is carried to Earth to create a shift in Consciousness. A Consciousness of The Higher Self that connects to the Living Library, the Akashic Records, and one is simply guided day by day, from this cosmic connection to all that is. There is no more seeking outside of oneself, as all you need to know is within. As the amnesia lifts, this remembrance floods back into your BE-ing, all lifetimes merge as soul fragments are rejoined after healing. This brings all the knowledge of those past lifetimes to your here and now to use and share.

This cosmic/solar Energy is shifting and causing an evolution in DNA to reconnect the 2 strand spliced DNA back to 12, where it was originally intended before being tampered with by the Annunaki.

As Earth transitions from 3D, to 4D and 5D, the outer layer of Earth spins faster clockwise, as inner Earth spins faster counterclockwise fed by high amounts of solar blasts fueling the shift. This creates time to speed up, slow down and time/space to merge. This creates timeline shifts, splits and convergences. This also creates powerful weather patterns as Earth adjusts to higher frequencies, not excluded are volcanoes erupting and Earth Quakes. Earth is a living being that is going through a massive cleansing process that is taking her inhabitants along for the ride. Earth will and is shifting… period!

Those who wish to shift too, are doing the inner work and focus on self necessary to transition to higher levels of Consciousness.

As this energetic wave continues to escalate, polar opposites will repel out of one another’s field. They will separate into their vibrational frequency groups; high vibrational frequency and low vibrational frequency. They will remain there, and others who match their frequency will gravitate towards each. Those who choose to remain in a lower vibratory state will continue to experience 3D density in their daily reality. Those who choose to do the work necessary to shift higher, and increase frequency experience inter-dimensional reality and Quantum Consciousness through their higher selves. As your higher self becomes more of your daily go to for guidance, you will be brought into the awareness of your galactic brothers and sisters who want to assist you on this evolutionary path as a starseed. Your free will is never interfered with, therefore this is only done in agreement from your Higher Self to allow these etheric meetings to occur.

As your perceptions continue to evolve with your Higher Self realizations, more, and more will be brought into your awareness and reality. Bit by bit, as you’re ready to handle it, process it and see it for what it truly is, more is shown. The level in which our benevolent galactic brothers and sisters operate is such a high vibrational frequency that we must incorporate years of upgrades, and downloads before we are even ready for this to occur. Not only our solar system, but the entire Universe is teaming with various life forms. This, our governments have known for years, and have reversed engineered ET technology to create leaps and bounds in our own technological advances. They have worked hand in hand with various ET life forms to obtain this knowledge, and technology for themselves in military advancements and society advancements too.

Now humans are obtaining this in the form of downloads, and so much more information in galatic downloads and upgrades through the central sun through the Higher Self. As we continue to receive these solar bursts of energy, we and Earth, will continue to evolve and shift to higher levels of Consciousness. This is being watched very closely by our galactic brothers and sisters to make sure it stays on the proper timeline and alignment to occur. We are not just going along for the ride; we have much work to do in co-creating the future in which we wish to see.

And if you take a look around, you can see the evidence of 5D Earth everywhere. It is in the new hues and colors in our skies with Golden Rays of Light. It is in the random people who are drawn into our field when we are out in public, who are also on 5D Earth, and talk of energy and metaphysics like it’s been this way forever. It is in the way so many have shifted into “Service to Others” professions. It is in the way social media has been the catalyst in bringing so many people together all over the world who vibrate at the 5D frequency.

It is in the way so many beautiful souls are shining their light in complete authenticity of their true selves. It is in the way so many support and guide each other through the shifts, letting others know they are not alone. It is in the way so many are channeling information from their Higher Selves to assist many. The shift is evident everywhere you look. If you are aligned to this high vibrational frequency you can’t miss it in your reality every single day. The unexplainable is now the norm. Metaphysics is being looked at in a whole other Light scientifically as it incorporates Quantum Physics. Each year from 2012s massive leap in Consciousness, we progress more and more. 2018 will be no exception, as this is the year we all learn how to “Master” what we’ve already been given. This is the “Master Year of 11 Energy” that will move people into new alignments for more to occur on higher levels of perception and awareness. As we approach the 12:12 portal on December 12th, and then the solstice on the 21st, more Golden Ray Light Merkabah Activation codes will be downloaded.

The next step on this journey is to merge the Golden Ray, which I’ve written about quite a bit this week in my Energy Reports, with the Silver Ray, as this creates the Rainbow Bridge and portal within that opens during the solstice annually on December 21st. Buckle up Beautiful Souls it’s about to get even more interesting as we go!

Watch Magenta Pixie’s video below explaining the next steps to embrace on this starseed journey of Ascension of Higher Consciousness. This was shared with me yesterday, and I’ve just had a chance to watch it today. I am always in awe of how the energetic wave readers bring these cosmic transmissions to all in synchronistic alignment to provide the whole picture.

The pieces to the puzzle are always being interwoven into the big picture. It is our jobs as starseeds to share this information with you, to assist you on your continued journey. As we all walk hand in hand on the cosmic wave of Ascension the key is  working together to bring the whole picture to Light.

Many are being given pieces of the puzzle. And it is our job to put those pieces together for you to bring you this bigger picture. And as we do, it assists each in remembering our role as a collective to manifest this into our co-created reality here on 5D New Earth.  Enjoy this high vibrational transmission from Magenta Pixie.

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