vrijdag 8 december 2017

Energy Report Update ~ Golden Ray Frequency Downloads ~ Tiffany Stiles

Energy Report Update~ Golden Ray Frequency Downloads

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Dear Beautiful Souls!
A quick update on the energies coming in....Many are experiencing Golden Ray Frequency Downloads/Upgrades as we speak. These downloads come through the crown chakra and affect each chakra that may have blockages that require energetic clearing. The Golden Ray Frequency is a healing frequency, that heals mind, body, spirit and creates a unified cohesiveness with each. As these downloads come in you can experience an intense tingling on the skull. You may experience headaches, neck and spine aches. As these downloads continue the HU-man body requires much sleep to integrate and recalibrate with these new cosmic key codes. As the downloads continue from the Golden Ray, the encoded DNA dormant codes within come back online. When a Golden Ray download is coming in you can be shown many things on a Cosmic Quantum level of consciousness from your higher self.

It is important to journal what comes to you. These are downloads that many have not experienced in the past and until you acclimate can be scary, but remember to not fear. Breathe through it and be cognizant that this is a beautiful Healing Frequency that is occurring for you. I have found that massage helps ease the aches and assists this powerful energy in moving through as the body recalibrates. Please see my latest in depth Energy Report on this at Tiffany-Stiles.com The Golden Ray. The Golden Ray key code of Christ Consciousness Merkabah Activations is 144-000-369-11. 
As this cosmic key code begins activating within is when the downloads and upgrades commence. Many will begin experiencing vivid, rather weird dreams such as myself. These began two weeks ago and will continue. You'll also receive vivid recounts of past lifetimes to heal and integrate fragmented parts of the soul. Remain balanced, centered in the heart and grounded as these downloads are some of the most powerful experienced yet! As more information comes available, I will update as it occurs.
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Much love, light & blessings

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