zondag 31 december 2017


Dear Ascension Pioneers! In this new year 2018 I AM wishing You all that I wish for the planet and the Whole, which is the return of Christ in men. As we fearlessly continue to choose that path of Divinity in form, it will naturally lead us through many Spirit initiations, because no physical
Ascension that takes place in the body is ever easy, as nothing happens on its own.

It requires lots of courage and devoted determination to continue choosing Love, and therefore generating the Essence of Life as Immaculate conception. It sounds easy to choose Love, which is true in a "perfect" world. But our Human consciousness on the planet is far from that perfected state as of yet, and so it's not always easy to choose Divine Love in such a world, because it requires constant bravery as we move through apprehension and adversity that still exist in our world.

It takes our whole Presence as we illuminate and shine through, and although it's not easy, we have chosen to do it because someone had to do it, and it was simply our turn. A house of Ascension wasn't built in a day, so we must continue to plant the seeds for it, because it will take much more than the minimum to reach for the Stars and achieve what we have set out to do. 2017 was not an easy year for many, and yet no year since 2012 was.

We continue to move higher in the spiral of Spirit which brings life into motion, and the deeper we go, the more challenging it gets. But as our consciousness rises, it becomes much easier to become a neutral force of true Love against all odds. Keep on walking, and thank You for the Light that You are and the Love that You serve!

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