zaterdag 29 juli 2017


Aloha beautiful love family!

Today, we awoke to soft crystalline/rainbow frequencies as we integrate yesterday's/all last night's huge cosmic upgrade blast. Golden sunrises and rainbows to greet the day, it's been another huge day of accomplishing too.

Super excited to share, that I've completed agreements this morning with Balboa Press (HayHouse subsidiary) for 3 of my books! Awakening To Remembering, Navigating Dimensions and the next one that's now in the works, The Laws of Reception (then 4+ more after that).

The November Kauai retreat for our beloved Hong Kong group is almost full, then we will move into next April's for both a retreat group with a 2-day weekend workshop for a much larger group (about 150 at this point). Later in the year, possibly an event for a few thousand, more on that as we go...

The funding for the Kauai Awakening To Remembering Teaching/Retreat Center is underway as well, as well as the launch of the new Radio Show in a few months (Multi-Dimensionality Mainstream Media)...

I've backed off on telesummits (only a very few, to refocus my own energy on accomplishing in a multitude of new/more directions, on top of everything else I already do. Gatekeeper/Gridkeeper duties come first, always.... all of this is "around" that and more.

July whizzed by and August has started off with a HUGE BANG!

Today we have the encore replay of my interview with John Burgos on Beyond The Ordinary and would LOVE LOVE LOVE for you to listen/activate/receive before Season 13 concludes. (Just click on my cover page banner to register or you can do that here:

There's more, there always is... Soft crystalline/Christed Light frequencies thus far today, with stimulating electrical impulses working through our new upgrading body systems too.... Solar winds are quiet and strong all at the same time.... Honor you, your body, your process and have a most magical and amazing day too!

Immense love, gratitude and appreciation for all. I love you! ♥
Lisa Transcendence Brown

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